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All Sports Awards

St. Charles Catholic 2022-2023 All Sports Awards
At St. Charles Catholic High School, athletics and extracurricular activities play an important role in developing each student to his or her full potential, teaching the Comets teamwork, time management, accountability, confidence, grit, perseverance, service, and community-building.  SCC maintains high academic standards while allowing 76% of the student body to participate in athletics, instilling a well-rounded high school experience for students of the River Parishes. 
Each year, SCC honors the many accomplishments of student athletes and coaches during the All-Sports Awards Night, and this year’s event was particularly celebratory as the Comets reflected on back-to-back football & baseball state championships, two track & field state championships, swim’s state runner-up title, multiple district championships and play-off runs, and countless individual awards earned throughout the year.  
This year's special awards included Mr. & Ms. Comet, an annual award given to the Comet athletes who have earned the most points throughout the year by participating and achieving special recognition in multiple school sports. Please join us in congratulating:
Ms. Comet 2023 - Mya Brown 
Brown participated in volleyball, basketball, and track and field, with all three of her teams reaching new heights while she competed with her teammates.  Lady Comet Volleyball made it deeper into the playoffs this year than in the past ten years.  Lady Comet Basketball claimed back-to-back district championships.  And in track and field, Brown earned Double Gold in both Shot Put & Discus, claiming 2A State Championship in both events.  Her inspirational attitude and love of all things SCC wwere only matched by her athletic talent, making her an all-around outstanding player and leader in all of her sports.   
Mr. Comet 2023 - Michael Hotard
Hotard participated in football, soccer, and baseball, and all three of his teams made SCC records while he participated.  Comet football won back-to-back state championships, with Hotard receiving the Warren Dunn Courage Award for his leadership on the 2022 team.  Comet Soccer made an extension playoff run, won the district championship, and hosted the playoffs on Monica Field.  Comet baseball also won back-to-back state championships, with Hotard named as the 2021 Most Outstanding Player in that year’s championship game. Hotard’s heart for his team is as strong as his athletic prowess, and his Comet pride was always evident to players and fans alike.  
Another special award presented during the ceremony was the St. Charles Borromeo Award which is meant to recognize individuals who have been of extraordinary service to SCC Athletics over the years. This year's award recipient is Dr. Courtney Millet, who has supported athletics as a Comet Mom, SCC Development Director, and SCC Principal. 
SCC swim was recognized for their state runner-up success, and all SCC squadmen, and letterman were honored with Comet towels, duffle bags, plaques, and lettermen jackets. 
SCC wishes to thank the entire SCC athletic and medical staff: Kelly Arnett, Calvin Berry, Eddie Borgstede, Noah Bork, Stacey Bosco, Owen Bourgeois, Jamie Brady, Charles Brown, Jason Brown, Darryl Chauvin, Stephen Chapman, Rob Dauenhauer, Kassie DeArmas, Clarence Dupepe, Kyle Faucheux, Sarah Faucheux, Tyler Forsythe, Dawn Gaubert, Derrick Gaubert, Mary Haydel, Tina Jeandron, Michelle Jensen, Tommy Julian, Ronnie Kelly, Sr., Blaize Loescher, Hannah Lowry, Kaitlyn Lowry, Tricia Lowry, Randy Madere, Ken Massett, George McGovern, Sr., Damon Milioto, Eian Mitchell, Michael Monica, Riley Monica, Ty Monica, Taylor Perilloux, Dennis Rankin, Erin Remondet, Jake Robinson, Melissa Roussel, Wayne Stein, John Talley, Travis Trepagnier, Jeff Vitrano, Austin Weber, Zach Weber, Andrea Williams, Gary Zeringue, Emily Meyer, Dr. Christopher Cancienne, Dr. Donnie Savoie, Dr. Choate, 
Dr. Michael Murphy, and Dr. Andy St. Martin.
SCC extends special gratitude to Wayne Stein, SCC Athletic Director, Head Football Coach, and Head Baseball Coach.  It’s been an incredible year for SCC athletics, and as Coach Wayne always says, it’s a great time to be a Comet.
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Co-Mr. Comet 2022, Zack Vicknair; Co-Mr.Comet 2022, Bryce Bertucci; Mr. Comet 2023, Michael Hotard; Ms. Comet 2023, Mya Brown; Ms. Comet 2022, Madison Hebert
Dr. Courtney Millet, St. Charles Borromeo Award recipient, pictured with SCC Athletic Director, Wayne Stein
SCC juniors receive their lettermen jackets during the All Sports Awards Night 2023.
SCC underclassmen who lettered in their respective sports received duffle bags, plaques, and Comet towels.