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Students Attend March for Life 2023

Students Attend March for Life
NEWS RELEASE -- St. Charles Catholic High School
For Immediate Release – February 3, 2023
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Students Attend 50th Annual March for Life
St. Charles Catholic High School recently sponsored its sixteenth bus trip to the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. This year’s march commemorated the 50th annual March for Life.
On January 17, sixteen Comets departed for Washington, D.C. to be a part of the March for Life, a pro-life demonstration on Capital Hill and a pilgrimage of prayer for those affected by the injustice of abortion. Students joining the March for Life 2023 included: Nathan Abadie, Carter Ory, Michael Romaguera, Mya Brown, Garrett Ide, Chance Favaloro, Gracie Rios, Kirstyn Landry, Bryce Pregeant, Alexis Monistere, Cameron Brady, Hunter Lowry, Abdel Nabut, Connor Turner, Michael Espana, and Matthew Schexnayder. These students were accompanied by three faculty members: Dr. Melissa Roussel, Mr. Andrew Fourcade and Mr. Eian Mitchell.
While on the trip, hundreds of students from the Archdiocese of New Orleans and thousands of pro-life Americans continued their fight for the rights of the unborn, even in a post-Roe political climate. The pro-lifers from Louisiana were treated to the Geaux Forth Rally, put on by the Louisiana Right to Life organization. While at this rally, prior to the official March for Life, students learned about the laws surrounding abortion and the misconception of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. This rally was an overwhelmingly powerful experience where students were able to bask in the joy of being part of the “Post-Roe Generation.” St. Charles Catholic senior Alexis Monistere said, “The best part of March for Life was the community of teenagers. It was amazing to sit in a big room with a bunch of other teenagers who have the same views as I have and were praying for the same things I was praying for. On top of that, I was able to connect with other seniors and make, hopefully, life-long friendships. Together, we ARE the post-Roe generation.”
Since 1974, pro-life Americans have marched every year for the rights of the most vulnerable: the unborn. On January 20, the sixteen students from St Charles Catholic High School joined thousands of pro-life Americans for a peaceful protest and a march on Capitol Hill. Their goal is to continually show Congress that Americans believe in a pro-life future, influencing legislation at the state and national level. The students were able to feel the overwhelming community of thousands joined together for a single cause.
Although the March is the reason for the pilgrimage, the Comets were also able to explore the rich history of America. Comets were able to visit significant sites, including The White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the reflection pool, Arlington National Cemetery [The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Kennedy’s Eternal Flame], the National Archives, and Smithsonian Museums.
SCC teacher, Dr. Melissa Roussel stated, “As a group leader, it was important to me to be able to show our young people the importance of the rich history of our nation. Being able to lead our students through reflection at Arlington and insightful prayer on the walk from the Washington Monument, past the reflection pool and up to Lincoln is one of the most humbling experiences. I was also blessed to have been able to show our students important documents surrounding the formation of our nation and to lead them through a walking tour of the White House. Most importantly, though, I watched as these young adults participated in worship and prayer and I watched them walk to support the unborn. I watched them grow in faith and that is beyond powerful. I pray our exploration of history and our trek through the nation's capital is one they will never forget.”
The group spent significant time in prayer at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the Pope John Paul II National Shrine. The Comets were also able to spend time, nightly, in worship with the Archbishop of New Orleans and the Vigil Project. St Charles Catholic High School sophomore Garrett Ide stated, “I like the time spent with the Vigil Project. They use music to help me pray. They help us come together through games and they talk a lot about why it is so important to save the babies.” While at the National Shrine, students were able to explore the many chapels devoted to various Saints and pray for their intercession. Students ended their trip in prayer at the National Pope John Paul II Shrine, in a mass led by a local priest who reminded everyone to pray for the unborn, to pray for mothers, to pray for political leaders, and to pray for more youth to answer the call to speak out as the post-Roe generation. 
St Charles Catholic High School Principal, Dr. Courtney Millet stated, “We’re so thankful to our Comets and faculty members who are using their voices to speak for the voiceless and represent the Gospel at this national event. We are truly one nation under God.”
St Charles Catholic High School students pose at the entrance of the East Wing of the White House. 
St Charles Catholic High School students and chaperones pose in front of the reflection pool and the Washington Monument. 
St Charles Catholic High School students and chaperones pose in front of the White House after their self-guided tour of the Presidential home. 
Left to Right, back row:
Coach Eian Mitchell, Chance Favaloro, Garret Ide, Cameron Brady, Bryce Pregeant, Nathan Abadie
Left to Right, front row:
Gracie Rios, Connor Turner, Hunter Lowry, Abdel Nabu, Matthew Schexnayder, Mya Brown, Alexis Monistere, Michael Espana, Kirstyn Landry, and Dr. Melissa Roussel
St Charles Catholic High School students, Alexis Monistere, Mya Brown, Garret Ide, Carter Ory and Michael Romaguera, at the 2023 March for Life in Washington, DC
St Charles Catholic High School students at the 2023 March for Life in Washington, DC. 
St Charles Catholic High School teachers, and chaperones, Andrew Fourcade, Eian Mitchell and Melissa Roussel pose in the White House.