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Students lead a prayer for the nation

Students Lead a Prayer for the Nation
NEWS RELEASE -- St. Charles Catholic High School
For Immediate Release- February 6, 2023
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St. Charles Catholic Students Lead Prayer for the Nation 
As part of an annual tradition, St. Charles Catholic High School honored the nation with a special prayer service at the campus flagpole during Catholic Schools Week. Led by SCC’s student council executive board members and SCC’s campus ministry, the prayer brought forth many petitions echoed by students from Civics, AP Government, American History, and many others who chose to attend.  Student leaders who planned and implemented the service include Mya Brown, Morgan “Alli” Pero, Erin Powell, and Alexis Monistere.  SCC’s flag bearers, Garrad LeBeouf and Robert Martinez, raised the flag to begin the service. 
Led by Student Council Treasurer, Mya Brown, the group began with the US Pledge of Allegiance.  Student Body President, Erin Powell, read from the Gospel of Luke, reflecting with the students on the story of the Good Samaritan who chose kindness and human connection over his racial and civil allegiances. Led by Alexis Monistere, Student Council Vice President, and Morgan “Alli” Pero, Student Council Secretary, the audience of students prayed for the character of the country, for protection of service men and women, for the guidance for all those in civil leadership, for the honor of human dignity ensured for all, for an end to violence and crime, for all those living in the River Parishes, and for all those on the periphery of society.
SCC Campus Minister, Raleigh Poche, said of the event: “We’re so blessed at SCC to be able to pray as a community in times of need. It’s important to pray for one another. God hears our prayers! Prayer is so powerful! And when we come together in prayer as a Comet Family, we can make real change possible.”
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Student Council Vice President, Alexis Monistere, leads prayer at the SCC’s campus flagpole in honor of the nation during Catholic Schools Week. 
Mya Brown, Erin Powell, Alexis Monistere, Morgan “Alli” Pero, Robert Martinez, and Garrad LeBeouf begin their prayer service by raising the flag and saying the pledge of allegiance.  
Morgan “Alli” Pero, leads prayer during the service.
SCC’s Student Council Executive Board before the campus flagpole during the prayer service.