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Alumni of the Year Award

Monday, October 11, was all about legacy at St. Charles Catholic High School.
We had the distinct pleasure today of honoring two inspiring men in unique and exciting ways.
First, we offered our thanks to Dr. Andy St. Martin as we recognized him as the SCC Alumni of the Year. Dr. St. Martin serves as the Comet team doctor and has given reflections at many of our student retreats over the years. He also plays the awesome role of Comet Dad!
We also recognized our longtime principal, Andrew Cupit, and his family by naming our recently completed foyer in their honor. Mr. Cupit served as leader of our school for 30 years. He and his wife, Helena, are the parents of seven Comets.
These two men have certainly left their legacies at SCC, reminding us all that faith, perseverance, and service are at the heart of the Comet Way.
May God bless these two men and their families, and May God bless SCC!