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Students of the Year

St. Charles Catholic Congratulates The Students of the Year

All of the SCC 8th and 12th graders who qualified for Student of the Year displayed impressive academic and leadership skills. Unfortunately, only one student could be chosen for each grade level. Interviews were conducted by outside judges. Both of these dynamic SCC students demonstrate leadership and excellence in school. They both maintain a 4.0 GPA, represent their peers on the Beta Club, as well as other school activities and club memberships.

We are pleased to congratulate our 2021-2022 Students of the Year:

Cora Caldwell – SCC’s 8th grade Student of the Year

Barry Cummins, Jr. – SCC’s 12th grade Student of the Year

As the various nomination committees learned by reviewing their portfolios, these two Comets are truly outstanding, with both exemplifying leadership, service, scholarship, and spiritual growth—the pillars of Catholic education and of St. Charles Catholic’s mission statement.

SCC takes pride in their students and loves to celebrate their achievements.  It’s an honor and a privilege to educate the leaders of tomorrow in the halls of SCC.  To learn more about SCC or to set up a private tour of the school, please call the Director of Admissions and Alumni, Carly Flynn, at 504-487-7881 or email at