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Luke Ringe Appointed to Air Force

SCC Senior Luke Ringe Appointed to the U.S. Air Force Academy

St. Charles Catholic High School (SCC) senior Luke Ringe has accepted an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado as a member of the Class of 2024. He will be joining a select group of our nation’s finest young people as he takes this challenging and rewarding step toward becoming a professional Air Force officer.

Ringe has earned a rare opportunity to participate in one of this country’s finest officer training programs. More than 10,000 applications were received, and Ringe is one of 1,225 new cadets who will make up the Class of 2024.

Ringe’s previous accomplishments indicate that he has the potential to meet the demands and challenges of the Academy, and his principal, Courtney Millet and his teachers are very proud of his appointment as only the best of the best are so rewarded.

The Air Force Academy, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an accredited four-year university. High school seniors offered appointments are considered some of America’s brightest students. In selecting candidates, the Academy focuses on academics, athletics, leadership, and community service. Ringe currently has maintained over a 3.8 GPA, excels in Honors and AP courses, and competes in Cross Country. He is also a member of the SCC 30 Plus Point Club because he scored a 33 on the ACT during his junior year. Ringe is an active member of the SCC Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, and National Honor Society.

Ringe has not declared a major, but is considering Electrical Engineering. Upon graduation and commissioning, he hopes to become a pilot.

Nominations to the Air Force Academy – as with West Point (Army), Annapolis (Navy and Marines) and the Coast Guard Academy – are submitted from United States Representatives, Senators, or the Vice President of the United States. Ringe was nominated by United States Senator Bill Cassidy and Congressman Cedric Richmond of Louisiana.

“I have always been fascinated by flight and since my first visit to the Air Force Academy in 2014, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this amazing institution. St. Charles Catholic has taught me the importance of excellence in all that I do and service to others. I will be able to continue building upon these skills by serving my country and pursuing my dream to become a test pilot,” stated Luke Ringe when asked about this appointment.

According to SCC Principal Courtney Millet, Ringe has been an excellent student. He is currently working on completing his Eagle Scout project, which includes the replacement of the flag pole in front of the school.

“I have known Luke Ringe for five years and find him to be a young man of integrity and one who takes initiative,” Principal Millet said. “He is a patriotic young man with high moral character and is intelligent, disciplined, hard-working, humble, and kind. Our teachers are excited for his appointment and look forward to Luke becoming a leader for our country.”

Ringe is scheduled to graduate from St. Charles Catholic High School May 22. He will report to the Air Force Academy to start basic training June 25.