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FCA Leadership Summit

FCA Members Attend Leadership Summit at LSU

Charles Catholic High School (SCC) Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) members recently attended the Leadership Summit at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.  The summit provided training for high school FCA leaders in order for them to lead with greater capacity.

Twelve SCC students were chosen to attend the summit.  Seniors included Kelly Campbell, Collin Cedotal, Jack Chapman, Justin Dumas, Mallory Fernandez, Estelle Heinold, Noah Hymel, Olivia Keating, Valerie Perilloux, Sydney Pfister, Evan Roussel, and Kirstin Wilson.

Baton Rouge FCA staff and LSU athletes provided the training.  Topics included “Competing as a Christian Athlete” and “Sharing the Gospel.” 

The speakers reminded the students of the importance of never giving up, despite whatever conditions one is given in life. They touched on many of the hard lessons learned throughout their careers and the importance of a dedication to a higher calling.

The students found it so inspiring to hear from LSU football's J.D. Moore and volleyball player Milan Stokes at the Leadership Summit where they encouraged the students to be servant leaders.  Both Moore and Stokes talked and shared their testimonies at the Summit which inspired the students.  SCC Senior Kelly Campbell stated, “Being able to attend the FCA Leadership Summit at LSU was a great opportunity for me and the rest of our leaders to become more like Christ on and off the field.  The experience inspired me to encourage my friends and teammates to live like Christ.”

According to SCC’s Fellowship School Sponsor, Gary Zeringue, the LSU athletes also spoke to the FCA leaders about the importance of building up your team and leading a Christian, athletic lifestyle. They reminded the students to keep God as the main focal point in their lives.  “The summit has caused a significant impact on my life and has brought me closer to God then before.  My faith life has taken a huge turn and influenced my beliefs,” stated Senior Justin Dumas.

St. Charles Catholic High School’s FCA group meets every Thursday night at 6:30 p.m.  FCA is the largest Christian sports organization in the world. FCA focuses on serving our school and community by equipping, empowering, and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.
















St. Charles Catholic High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes attended the FCA Leadership Summit at LSU.  Pictured left to right, bottom: Jack Chapman, Olivia Keating, Sydney Pfister, Mallory Fernandez, Valerie Perilloux, Kelly Campbell, Evan Rousseland top: Justin Dumas, Noah Hymel, Kirstin Wilson, Estelle Heinold, Collin Cedotal