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Comets Featured In Clarion Herald

The Clarion Herald posed the following three questions to students attending Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of New Orleans:

 1. What teacher has had an impact on your life, and how did that happen?
 2. What blessings have you received from your Catholic school education? Was there a challenging situation that your school (teachers or fellow students) helped you overcome?
 3. How inspired have you been by the example of your parent(s) who have had to sacrifice in order to send you to Catholic school?
The response was overwhelming. The Clarion Herald received about 150 submissions from across the archdiocese.  The next few pages speak of the beauty of Catholic education more simply and poignantly than just about anything else we could dream of.

Two SCC students, Makaylla Chaney and Erin Powell,  were featured in this story. Here's what they said.

Parents at forefront
Makayla Chaney
St. Charles Catholic

Seeing my parents sacrifice to send me here is my motivation to succeed in all my classes. I’ve had a Catholic school education since I was in pre-K3. When I was younger I did not see how blessed I was to attend a Catholic school, but as I get older I realize everyday that God blessed me to be at a private school and I am grateful. 

My parents were able to send me to Catholic school when times were hard. I consider that the dedication and love they give to me. Every time I didn’t make the honor roll I used to feel like I let them down, but now in my ninth-grade year it’s different.

I try harder than I ever did because I think about colleges and I want a scholarship, I want my parents to stop paying my tuition in high school, so they can do more in their life and have another bill gone.

My parents are my blessings God sent to me, I focus on making excellent grades because I want to become successful and do things for them to show how grateful I am for all the sacrifices they made for me.

Compassion in grief
Erin Powell
8th grade
St. Charles Catholic

Because of my Catholic education, I have a close relationship with God and with my family. My education has allowed my faith to grow stronger and has helped me to reach the realization of my faith’s value to me as well as my value to my faith community. 

My dad recently passed away. It was extremely hard on my family. My fellow classmates and teachers have been there for me through these tough times. They have been supportive of all of my decisions and have been there for my entire family.

(Parts of this story reprinted from Clarion Herald article by Jonelle Foltz)