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Homecoming Spirit Week Guidelines


The Sign Up Form for all of the Homecoming games will be available at lunch today in each class’s Google Classroom. If you want to participate in any of the games, please sign up. You must sign up by noon the day before to participate in that day’s game. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Creppel or Mrs. Lohfink.

These days are designed to showcase our school spirit, and part of that is your cooperation in following the dressdown guidelines. Remember you are in school, and your dress must be appropriate for being out in public. Any questionable or inappropriate attire will result in a failure to participate in future dress downs and possible disciplinary consequences.
Face masks must still be worn on all theme days.

Jeans with holes or rips
Tight clothing such as yoga pants and joggers.
Inappropriate emblems, logos, or writing.
Sheer or sleeveless clothing.
Flip flops and sandals
All skirts must be of appropriate (knee) length and have leggings underneath them.
• No earrings on boys on any day; earrings on girls must still be modest and according to school regulations

MONDAY: Pajama Day:
Footie Pajamas are allowed, but feet should have some type of non-slip surface on the bottom.
No shorts allowed.
Pajama dresses must be worn with leggings underneath.
Sweatpants are slowed on this date.
No “back flap” PJs.
Any bottoms worn must go past the knee. (no short shorts)
There may NOT be any writing on the rear-end of the pants.
Appropriate words down the pant leg allowed. Logos must be appropriate.
Tops must have sleeves; you may not wear a tank-top style top.
Slippers, sneakers, and comfortable shoes are allowed, but socks should be worn with slippers.
Robes are acceptable (uniform or dress code must be followed underneath robes.)

TUESDAY: Sports Fan Day: (NO CLC )

Show your school spirit by representing your favorite sports teams. Students can wear a jersey or t-shirt representing a sports team with jeans or sweatpants.

No yoga pants, leggings, or shorts.
ACTIVITY: Dodgeball Tournament at Lunch Outside
(1 team from each grade; 10 members per team)

Five teams (one representing each grade) will compete in 5-minute matches. Signup for the teams will be announced soon. Winner earns points toward the Comet Cup.

WEDNESDAY: Hawaiian Day:

Students are encouraged to go Hawaiian and wear beach attire! Jeans and sweatpants must be without holes; blue/khaki/floral shorts for boys must be of knee length, and girls must wear leggings under shorts; Floral or appropriate beach style t-shirt, grass skirt over shorts and leggings, Hawaiian shirts, sun glasses, floppy hats, and fanny packs will be allowed! Remember that nametags must be worn; shirts must have sleeves and may not be low cut. No crop tops, rips, tears, hoodies, bandanas, yoga pants, clothing promoting drugs, violence, explicit themes, political themes, or cross-dressing will be allowed. Tennis shoes must be worn. No flip flops.

ACTIVITY: Luau Limbo at Lunch
Male and female student from each grade will compete in a limbo contest at lunch. The winner gets points

towards the Comet Cup.

THURSDAY: Halloween Costume Day – Beta/8th Grade Activity During Lunch)
Students are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes on this day. Students should use good taste and common sense, and observe the guidelines given by the school.

• Shirts must have sleeves and cover the belt/waistline. No Plunging necklines, tank tops or halter tops. T-shirts that advertise alcohol, tobacco, contraband, or other inappropriate sayings/content are not permitted.
• Frayed, torn jeans/pants/shorts are NOT permitted to be worn. Jeans with holes are not allowed.

• Shorts must have leggings underneath them. • FACE MASKS must still be worn.
Costume Contest

Students will be nominated in 1st period class.

Winners will be selected from the following categories:

Most Original Costume:

Best Movie Character Costume:

Best Group Costume:

Most Humorous Costume:

Guest judges will select the winners who will be announced at end of day. Winners earn points for their classes towards the Comet Cup.

FRIDAY: Color Wars Spirit Day (PEP RALLY at end of day)

Show your school spirit and represent your class color by wearing your Homecoming t-shirts or an appropriate shirt of your class color.
Students are allowed to wear regular blue jeans or pants (no holes or frayed spots) or school uniform skirts and school pants.

Hats, headgear, sunglasses, etc. will be allowed only at the pep rally, so none of those items are allowed before lunch. Students will be allowed to put on those items in their CLC before the pep rally.

● Seniors: BLUE ● Juniors: GOLD ● Sophomores: RED ● Freshmen: GREEN ● 8th Grade: ORANGE
ACTIVITY: COLOR WAR COMPETITION at Pep Rally (Students must be dressed in grade’s color to participate.)
Poster contest – Each grade is encouraged to make posters to bring to the pep rally on Friday.
Color Contest – The grade with the highest percentage of students in their respective colors wins points toward the Comet Cup.
Balloon Pop Relay – Four members from each grade will run the width of the football field and pop aballoon on a chair and run back and tag the next teammate. First time to complete the task and to be seated wins.
Trick or Treat Relay – Five students from each grade will run 20 yards each to complete a 100-yard relay. 1st task: ball toss in bucket; 2nd task: chew a candy; 3rd task: hop through hoops or do jumpingjacks; 4th task: spoon with egg; 5th task: sprint
Cup Design Competition – three students must construct and then deconstruct their graduation year
Red Carpet Strut Competition – teachers and students will do their best strut on the “Red Carpet”
Spirit Competition – as per usual

If you choose not to dress down according to the theme for the day, you must wear your complete dress uniform. Any student who violates the dress down rules will lose privileges to dress down for the remainder of the year and will receive disciplinary action.