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Dr. Millet Update (3/19/20)

Dear SCC Teachers, Parents and Students,

Wow! Thank you SCC teachers, staff and administrators for showing compassion and grace in navigating uncharted waters and showing hard work and adaptability in putting distance learning into action! Thank you parents for your patience, support and cooperation! Thank you students for participating, assisting one another remotely, and staying connected! During times of uncertainty, taking a moment to stop and count your blessings is a wonderful thing to do. We are thankful for all of you!

Just a few notes:

SCC Office Hours
Unfortunately, we will not be keeping the school front office open from 9-2 as originally hoped and planned. The Office of Catholic Schools has closed the office and employees are all working remotely. Moving forward, everyone at SCC will be working remotely Monday through Thursday. Please reach us by email or text/call my cell. For specific questions or concerns, please send emails to:




Senior Advisor:

Counselor/Student Attendance During Distance Learning:

Distance Learning Guidelines
Our goal is for students to continue with their education until we all return to campus together. Please review the slides sent home earlier in the week regarding student guidelines. Cell phones should be off during all live sessions. Student workspace should be a quiet space, but not your bed. Remember to wear an SCC t-shirt during live sessions. Students should be prepared for class and respectful during all classes. Students' mics should be off unless otherwise directed by the teacher. Mrs. Creppel and I will be joining classes throughout the week. Please watch for future messages, guidelines and details from Mrs. Creppel regarding our distance learning.

Remote Days Beginning Next Week
A period 9 a.m.
C period 10:30 a.m.
E period 12:00 noon
G period 1:30 p.m.

B period 9 a.m.
D period 10:30 a.m.
F period 12 noon

Tuesday and Thursday
Teacher Remote Office Hours

We are going to learn and grow, we’re going to be patient and flexible, and we’re going to get through this together! Let’s remember to use social media to share love and stay hopeful! Go for a walk and enjoy this beautiful day!

Leaving you with few words from Pope Francis:

Our God is near and asks us to be near to one another. Perhaps right now we cannot draw near physically to others for fear of contagion, but we can reawaken in ourselves a habit of drawing near to others through prayer and mutual help.

May you stay safe and well. Our hearts and thoughts go out to each one of you!

Courtney Millet