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Homecoming Dress Down Guidelines


We hope you are ready for Homecoming Spirit Week, Comets!

These theme days are designed to showcase our school spirit, and part of that is your cooperation in following the dress guidelines.  Remember you are in school, and your dress must be appropriate for being out in public. Any questionable or inappropriate attire will result in a failure to participate in future dress downs and possible disciplinary consequences.

The following are NEVER allowed at SCC:

Jeans with holes or rips
Tight clothing such as yoga pants and joggers.
Inappropriate emblems, logos, or writing.
Sheer or sleeveless clothing.
Flip flops and sandals.
All shorts and skirts must be of appropriate (knee) length and have leggings under them (girls).
MONDAY:  Pajama Day: 


HOMECOMING SPIRIT WEEK 2019 begins this Monday!!


MONDAY: PAJAMA DAY: Students are encouraged to wear pajamas to school, but must adhere to the following guidelines:

  Footie Pajamas are allowed, but feet should have some type of non-slip surface on the bottom.

·   Pajama dresses must be worn with leggings underneath. Sweatpants are allowed on this day.

·   No “back flap” PJs.

·   Any bottoms worn must go past the knee. (no short shorts)

·   There may NOT be any writing on the rear-end of the pants. Any writing or logos on clothing must be appropriate.

·   Appropriate words down the pant leg allowed.  

·   Tops must have sleeves; you may not wear a tank-top style top.

·   Slippers, sneakers, and comfortable shoes are allowed, but socks should be worn with slippers.

·   Robes are acceptable (uniform or dress code must be followed underneath robe.)


TUESDAY: Mismatch Day: Show your school spirit by wearing wacky and tacky clothing. 

- Combine bizarre combinations of tops and bottoms. There can be casual tops with formal bottoms or formal tops with casual bottoms.

- Fuse different themed clothing; clash patterns; wear crazy and mismatched socks.

- Be wacky and tacky with accessories. Be a fashion mistake!

- No yoga pants or jeans with holes or rips are allowed. Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and hoodies are NOT allowed. Clothing with inappropriate writing, logos, or emblems are not allowed. 

- No short shorts; shorts must be worn with leggings.

All usual dress down guidelines apply.

WEDNESDAY: Sports Day: Show your school spirit by representing your favorite sports teams. Students can wear a jersey or t-shirt representing a sports team with jeans or sweatpants.

No yoga pants or leggings. 

Shorts must be of appropriate length and have leggings under them (girls).

All usual dress down guidelines apply.

THURSDAY:  Halloween Costume Day: Students are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes on this day. Students should use good taste and common sense, and observe the guidelines given by the school. 

• Shirts must have sleeves and cover the belt/waistline. No plunging necklines, tank tops, or halter tops.

Costumes and shirts that advertise alcohol, tobacco, drugs, contraband, Satanic themes, and inappropriate/immoral content are not permitted. • Frayed, torn jeans/pants/shorts are NOT permitted to be worn. Jeans with holes are not allowed.

• Shorts and skirts must have leggings underneath them.

• FACE MASKS are NOT allowed.

FRIDAY:  Color Wars Spirit Day

Show your school spirit and represent your class color by wearing your Homecoming t-shirts or an appropriate shirt of your class color. Students are allowed to wear regular blue jeans or school uniform skirts and pants. No other pants are allowed as we will be celebrating mass. Hats, headgear, sunglasses, face paint, etc. will be allowed only at the pep rally, so none of those items are allowed to be worn before then. Students will be allowed to put on those items in their CLC before the pep rally.
Seniors: BLUE
Juniors: GOLD 
Sophomores: RED 
Freshmen: GREEN 
8th Grade: ORANGE