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Open House - Monday, November 4

St. Charles Catholic High School will open its doors at 5:00 p.m. to all community members interested in learning more about SCC – academics, arts, service, faith, and athletics.  Parents, family members, and prospective students are encouraged to attend to meet our principal, outstanding faculty, great coaching staff, and talk to students about classes and activities at SCC.   Your high school experience should provide you with both information and formation.  SCC strives to develop young men and women as Faith-filled students.  As you choose a high school that will best prepare you for college, parents and students should keep in mind the unique features that make SCC the educational and spiritual leader of the River Parishes.  

The value of a Catholic education is just as relevant today (maybe even more) than in years past. In today's society, it is even more important to form the whole child - to educate the heart, the mind, and the body.  The goal at St. Charles Catholic High School is to prepare children for success in this world (evidenced by higher ACT scores, higher HS and college graduation rates) and beyond (forming their hearts in the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ).  Strong academic results open the door to success and the college level; therefore, Catholic high schools are worth the investment to prepare high school students for college and careers.  There is a direct positive future benefit to the tuition investment made by parents during the high school years.