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SCC Announces 2019 ACT 30+ Club

St. Charles Catholic High School is proud to announce its 2019 ACT 30 PLUS CLUB, honoring the 19 students who scored at least a 30-point composite on the ACT test, placing them in the 94th percentile nationally.

“These 19 high school students are lighting the way through learning and faith,” said SCC Principal Dr. Courtney Millet. “Our students are held to a high vision of who they can become. As a result of our rigorous academic program and a commitment to the ideals of faith, our students emerge as strong, empowered, independent young men and women.”

Congratulations to SCC’s 2019 ACT 30 PLUS CLUB members, pictured below in the new SCC Chapel.

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First Row: Zahria Phillip, Rachel Nguyen, and Kelly Campbell

Second Row: Gregory Bergeron, Chloe Faucheux, Jenna Toups, Kaira Tamplain, Maggie Morton, and Brady Jacob

Third Row: Matthew Accardo, Landon Terry, Jake Vicknair, Bryce Newman, Luke Ringe, Arjun Iyer, Anderson Sirmon, Robert Newsome, Joseph Nguyen, and Austin Martin