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Comet News - Thursday, August 8

Comet Calendar - Senior Meeting Announced- Changes for the New School Year -General School Supplies List -News from Campus - General Announcements

9- Skit Night @ Football Camp
9- Schedule Changes
12- Faculty Retreat
12- Senior Meeting @ 6:30 PM
12- Office closed
13 & 14 - Teacher Professional Development
14- New Student and Parent Orientation 6pm
15- Class Retreat Day!
16- Book Day
19- Classes Begin
22- Volleyball Scrimmage @ Hahnville
24- Back to School Dance
28- Back to School Night for Parents
28- Volleyball Jamboree @ Lutcher
30- Football Jamboree @ Country Day

Hello Seniors!
Class of 2020

We are so excited to welcome our Class of 2020! We will have a Senior Class meeting on Monday, August 12 at 6:30 p.m. in order to do the following:
· Enjoy firehouse subs together.
· Take a casual senior pic.
· Participate in a Mac training with Mr. Madere and our Apple Rep.

Attention seniors who did NOT take a picture with Romaguera Photography at SCC during the summer: In order to have a cap and gown picture in the 2019-2020 yearbook, you should make an appointment to take a cap and gown picture with the studio by Saturday, November 30, 2019. NO photos will be accepted after this date!

The School Year Gear Up!

Every day at SCC is great; but this year, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are extra-special! See below for details about more of this year's changes.

Comet Lunch Crunch

Comet Lunch Crunch meetings will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays!

Students will meet in groups with their faculty advisor/homeroom teacher to discuss a variety of topics provided by the administration, counselors, and department heads. Students will identify personal goals as well as complete assigned lessons. Students will also be allowed time for reading of emails, studying, and completing assignments for ACT Academy and ACT Tessera.

SCC teachers will establish a serious atmosphere for students to learn the appropriate organizational skills, study skills, and goal-setting skills needed to be successful in high school and beyond.

Late Start Thursdays

Every Thursday for the 19-20 school year:
Classes will begin at 9:00 AM.
Students may be dropped off beginning at 7:30AM and report to a monitored study hall in the Commons until the 9:00AM bell.
Students enrolled in dual enrollment courses may be assigned test dates at least once per quarter on a Thursday at 7:30AM.
Students may also be required to participate in certain events on Thursdays at 7:30 AM such as lettermen jacket ordering, graduation presentations, etc.

Summer Assignments

If you have any questions about English assignments, email Peggy Bordelon, the English Department Head, or your specific English teacher. Find those email addresses here.

If you have any questions about math assignments, email Joneva Beckmann, the Mathematics Department Head, or your specific Math teacher . In addition, if any student is having issues logging on (including forgetting password) to the MATH IXL program, please email Mrs. Beckman. Find those email addresses here.



1.Notebooks (Although many students use the their iPads for note-taking, some students still prefer to use traditional notebooks, and some teachers require one.)
2.Blue, Black, and Red Ink Pens
3.Sharpened #2 Pencils
4.Highlighters (Yellow)
5.Loose Leaf Paper

1.Index Cards (These are great for making flash cards.)
2.Highlighters (Different Colors)
3.Post-It Flags

1.Pocket Folders
2.Calendar or Planner for recording assignments
3.Sturdy, Supportive Backpack
4.Manilla folders may be requested by some teachers

1.Printer Paper
2.Ink Cartridges
3.USB Flash Drive
4.Personal Portable Chargers for iPads

**Special Note for Math: You are required to have a calculator for all math classes which can be the calculator you used last year. The Dual Enrollment Math classes do not allow the graphing calculators and recommend the TI-30X IIS; so, if you are purchasing a new calculator, then it's best to get a TI-30X IIS or another Texas Instrument scientific calculator that is comparable. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Beckmann. **

Please note that individual teacher supply lists will be posted on the school’s website as they become available, and more detailed lists may be sent home the first day of school.

SCC is now offering a new sweater option to all girls.

You can purchase this new item at Children’s World in Laplace, along with other school uniform pieces.

Looks great, Erin!🌟

Congratulations, Cafeteria!

Once again, the SCC Cafeteria has won the 1st place award for highest increase in student lunches! Here is a message from our awesome Cafeteria staff:
"We are excited about some new items coming out this school year such as, Shrimp boil with potatoes and corn, Tex Mex Burrito melt, Pita pockets with chicken, Fried Catfish with white beans, Chicken Fajitas, Turkey Philly Cheese steak, Loaded Nacho Bowls, Grilled Cheese with Chicken noodle soup.
On Friday Morning for breakfast we will have a "Decorate your own Donut Day!" This should be a fun time for our Comet students!
Looking forward to a Great Year!"



Skit Night will take place on August 9. Please pray for our Comets and their coaches as they begin this new season in earnest.

Cafeteria Announcement
The School Food and Nutrition Services would like to announce changes in lunch prices for the 2019-2020 school year:

Breakfast- High School : $2. 25; Reduced: $.30
Lunch- High School: $3.25; High School Special Lunch: $3.75; Reduced- $.40

There is always a risk of state and/or federal funding cuts. If this were to occur, these prices would adjust accordingly.

Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement Course Info
Students enrolled in Dual Enrollment and AP courses must pay the fees for their courses by Book Day. Please check your email for the registration information, applications, and fees to be paid.

School Office Closed Monday, August 12th for Faculty Retreat!