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Comet News - Thursday, June 28

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1-5- School Office Closed
13- ACT test
15-16/18-19- Football Mini-Camp
22-31- School Office Closed
Tuition Payment Information

Thank you for choosing St. Charles Catholic High School for your teenager. We say that a Catholic high school education is the best choice for what matters most, and we mean it. After all, what’s more important than our children and our faith? At the same time, we understand the difficulties that families face when deciding how to pay for a Catholic high school education. We appreciate your commitment.

Our strong academic results open the door to success at the college level. More than 2/3 of our students receive college scholarship offers. Last year they were able to attain merit-based scholarships totaling over $5 million. St. Charles Catholic High School represents a strong investment that can prepare our students for college and careers while providing a direct benefit in college affordability.

The most important part of an SCC education is raising our children in the Catholic faith. It’s the day-to-day teaching of faith and values, praying together, and putting our faith into action through service to others. These are all part of the witness we pass on to students each and every day. And it’s that daily, ordinary witness that changes lives.

Thank you for partnering with us for 2019-2020 and seeing the value in an SCC education! Please note the important upcoming tuition dates below.

Option 1 - Tuition and Fees to be paid in full by July 5, 2019. (You may make partial payments of the total tuition and fees through this date). This deadline is only for those who will not obtain a loan from FBT. Please note that this amount may be paid through FBT online or by a cashier’s check to the front office. Please be sure that the student’s name is listed on the cashier’s check.

Option 2 - Finance up to 100% of Tuition and Fees with a FBT tuition loan. You can also pay the tuition partially and finance the balance.

Financing Options and Loan Terms: If you choose to finance all or a portion of tuition and fees, you may set up a tuition loan by June 11, 2019. The loan term will be ten (10) months paid monthly if obtained by June 11,2019. The interest rate on the tuition loan is 5.0%. There is no pre-payment penalty if you decide to pay the loan off early. In addition, a credit check is not required for the borrower(s). Your monthly payments will begin July 2019. An annual fee of $35.00 will be assessed on the advance date of your loan and billed on your first statement.

For a loan term of nine (9) months, the tuition loan set up must be completed by July 11, 2019. All terms remain the same. Monthly payments for the nine (9) month loan will begin August 2019.

Current Students in need of Enrollment Forms
If you are in need of an enrollment form for the DMV, please call the school (985-652-3809) or send an email a day in advance. When you call a day in advance, one of the secretaries will be able to complete the form for you so that you can just come in a pick it up when needed. Send the email to hotard.rachel@stcharlescatholic.orgor

Current Students in need of Work Permits
If you are in need of a work permit, you will need to go to the School Board Office in Reserve to obtain one. At this time, the work permits are not being given out at school. We will notify you as soon as they can be done at school instead of in Reserve.

Graduates in need of Transcripts
If you are in need of your transcript, either an official copy or regular copy, please call the school (985-652-3809) or send an email a day in advance in order for one of the secretaries to get it copied for you to pick it up. Send the email to hotard.rachel@stcharlescatholic.orgor