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Comet News - Thursday, February 21

Comet News - Thursday, February 21
Dear Comets,

Today we celebrated Mass as a student body. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to listen to God's word and be in communion with our school community once a month. Our resessional hymn today was "Go Make a Difference," which I explained to our students doesn't have to mean changing the world with a great plan. It could simply mean changing one thing they do each day in their own lives to better themselves or to help those around them. It can be something simple, like waking up earlier so as to not be in a rush, completing a chore at home without being asked, emailing a teacher to ask for help, or praying for a friend in need or support. I challenged them to start today to "Make a Difference" in their own lives and our Comet community. I promised them that I would ask every student I encountered during the day how s/he made a difference today, and I look forward to seeing each of our Comets grow in this challenge.

Mrs. Creppel

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to make a difference in my life by focus on one thing at a time.

21- School Mass
21- Letters of acceptance
21-23- Comet Classic
22-23- Softball travels to Houma
23- District Literary Rally
25-26- Scheduling Help for Students at Lunch
26- Balfour on Campus
28- Parent Registration Night 5:30-7:30 PM
28- Track Meet

1- Last Day to Pay Registration Fee Reduced Rate
4-8- Mardi Gras Holiday
6- Tennis Match
9- Spring Clean Sweep of St. John (Service Opportunity)
11- School Reconciliation
11- Tuition & Fee Online payments open
15-16- Lent Lock-In
15- Tuition Assistance applications open
18- Late Arrival (PD for Teachers) & Long Lunch
18-21- 3rd 9 weeks exam
21-22- Senior Overnight Retreat


Registration Reminder
Please be sure to check your email for a specific link to each child’s registration information based on the information that was given to SCC during the past registration process. Parents must click on this link to register their child for the upcoming school year at SCC.

Students received a paper packet on February 18, and this packet contained information about tuition, fees, the payment process through First Bank and Trust, course selection materials, and a personalized schedule map to assist students in choosing courses for next year.

See important dates below:

February 18, 2019 - Beginning date to pay Registration Fee online for current SCC students
February 25, 2019 - Beginning date to register and to pay Registration Fee online for New Students February 28, 2019 - 5:30 - 7:30 - Registration and Scheduling Help Night for Current and New SCC Parents
March 1, 2019 - Last day to pay Registration Fee at reduced rate of $425 March 2, 2019 - Registration Fee now $525
March 11, 2019 - Beginning date to pay Tuition & Fees online
March 15, 2019 - Beginning date to apply for Tuition Assistance
May 17, 2019 - Last day to submit Tuition Assistance application June 2019 - Tuition Assistance award notices to be mailed
June 21, 2019 - Last day to get tuition loan application approved **. Approvals after this date will result in a shorter loan term resulting in larger monthly pay amounts.
July 5, 2019 - Last day to pay tuition and fees in full. If not paid in full by this date you must submit an application for a tuition loan for the unpaid balance amount. The loan would have a shorter term and is subject to loan approval**.
** A loan application will not be approved by the school if the applicant has a prior outstanding balance of any kind with St. Charles Catholic.

Student Scheduling Assistance

Students are welcome to come to the library on Monday and Tuesday of next week during their lunch shifts to receive guidance on choosing schedules for next year.

Students, if you plan to stop by, please bring your scheduling sheet with you. Administrators and teachers will be present to assist you, answering any questions you might have about filling out your course selection & elective choices.

Parent Registration Assistance

On February 28, SCC is welcoming parents & students to the library between 5:30-7:30 PM in order to provide assistance with registration, particularly with choosing classes for next school year.

Administrators and teachers will be present to consult scheduling sheets & the Course of Studies. Administrators will also be able to answer questions about the registration process.

Royal Alumni

SCC is proud to celebrate the local monarchs of this year's Carnival celebrations, all of whom are Comet Alumni!

The Krewe of Allovus is led this year by King David Ratliff, Class of 1981, and Queen Julia Cupit, Class of 2014. Current Comets Madison St. Pierre, Macie Reine, and Sophia Bonadonna will walk in the Allovus court as well.

The Krewe of DuMonde is led this year by King Michael Wright, Class of 2004, and Queen Danielle Brignac, Class of 2012. Alumni Meredith Keating and Nicol Bourgeois will also walk with the Krewe of DuMonde this year.

Catholicity Essay Awards & Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students who were recognized today for their achievements!
The Catholicity Essay Awards were presented to:

English: Sydney Remondet;
Honorable Mention: Kelly Campbell

Mathematics:Kelsey Villeret
Honorable Mention: Jake Vicknair

Science: Sophia Robichaux

Religion: Emma Peppo

World Languages: Logan Forsythe

Social Studies: Allison Powell
Honorable Mention: Lauren Trichell

Electives: Maddie Sympson (Yearbook)

The Students of the Month for January awards were presented to:

8th Grade: Sydney Remondet & Jacob Molyneau

9th Grade: Tiffany Williams & Clayton Schweizer

10th Grade: Sara St. Pierre & Calvin Trinh

11th Grade: Emily Hotard & Collin Cedotal

12th Grade: Madonna Trinh & Andre Johnson

January's Teacher of the Month:
Lexi Abreu

Scholarship Recipients
Congratulations to the winners of the All-Star Foundation Scholarship, Jack Chapman and Maggie Morton! This scholarship was established by SCC alumnus Todd Trosclair, and it is offered to one boy athlete and one girl athlete each year. The scholarship is worth $1000 toward their SCC tuition. What a wonderful blessing! Thank you to the All-Star Foundation for this generous scholarship.

Mass Ministers

Thank you to all students who served at Mass today. It's so special to see our students facilitating the readings, gift bearings, altar serving, and ministering of the Eucharist during our celebrations. Today's Mass Ministers were Maggie Powell (reader), Karli Evans (reader), Moses Clark (gift bearer), and Eric Cador (gift bearer).

Our Music Ministers were Maggie Morton, Logan Fallout, Hayley Falgout, Maggie Morton, Jacob Todd, Grant Vicknair, Calvin Trinh, Karli Evans, Madonah Trinh, Tristen Tassin-Flugence, Alexis Teabout.

Our Eucharistic Ministers for today were Haley Louque, Jenna Toups, Madeline Brignac, Maggie Morton, Hannah Lowry.

We'd also love to thank Fr. Stephen Dardis who celebrated today's Mass and gave us a wonderful homily on the power of Christ's grace versus sin. Thanks for inspiring us to make a difference!


Boys Basketball

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate senior night!

The boys will play their first playoff game next week on Monday in Lafayette versus David Thibodaux at 6pm. Good luck, guys!

Girls Basketball

Congratulations to the Lady Comets for their 55-47 win in their first playoff game against David Thibodaux!! Leading scorers were Shelby Britt with 16 points, Kaitlyn Abair with 14 points, and Mya Brown and Mallory Fernandez both with 9 points. Alyssa Hooge also made a huge effort on defense with 7 steals.

The girls sadly lost in the second round of playoffs on Monday at Ursuline, but what a great season, ladies! Way to go!


Please plan to attend the Comet Classic on Comet Field, which will run February 21-23.

The Comets will play Albany on Thursday at 3:30 PM, John Curtis on Friday at 3:30 PM, & Lutcher on Saturday at 2:30 PM. Good luck, guys!
The softball team will travel to Houma for the Terrebonne Tournament. Good luck, team!

Softball will also play during the week with a home game on Tuesday vs. Dutchtown at 3:30 PM and an away game on Wednesday vs. Franklinton at 5 PM.


Tennis will play again on March 6 at St. Martin's in Metairie at 3:30 PM, followed by a match on April 11 vs. ED White at Belle Terre Country Club, 3 PM.

The team is practicing hard as they prepared for these matches. Keep it up, team!

Track and Field
The 2018-2019 track season is finally beginning. The Comets have a bright season ahead of them with the leadership of coaches Courtland Taylor and Jason Brown. Their first track meet is February 28th at Dutchtown. Coach Taylor stated that the team is young but also motivated and determined to get better each week. The team of 63 athletes is eager to find success this season.

Junior Gregory Bergeron gave his thoughts on the upcoming season: “Our team is really excited for this upcoming season. We’ve all been working hard and are ready to compete. Everyone is giving 100% into the team and we are all looking forward to the chance to win for each other.” The Comets are looking forward to an enjoyable and successful season.

Girls Soccer


1st Team: Colette Rainey, Kirstin Smith, Valerie Perilloux
2nd Team: Emily Giammolva, Destiny Romious, Eden Simoneaux
Honorable Mention: Anna Guidry, Antoinette Chiarella

Defensive MVP: Colette Rainey
Offensive MVP: Eden Simoneaux

No Air Pods or Wireless Headphones allowed on campus!
Students, no air pods or any wireless ear buds are allowed at school.
You may only have wired ear buds at school, and they should only be worn during class when your teacher allows. They should not be worn while walking in the hallways. Any students caught wearing air buds will have them confiscated and turned in to the Dean of Students.

Students, you are to park your car and immediately get out and come into the school building. You are not allowed to sit in your car on your phone, to listen to music, etc. You are also not allowed to leave the school grounds once you arrive at school.

Any students who plan on taking Driver’s Education over the Mardi Gras holidays, make sure you READ THIS CAREFULLY!!

In order to take the Driver’s Ed course, you must get an ENROLLMENT FORM from the front office here at school. You will take that form with you to the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV), and they will give you a Temporary Instructional Permit (TIP) to take with you for the Driver’s Ed Course.

So, if you are in need of the enrollment form, please come to the office and request one AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please come to the office first thing in the morning to request it, and it will be ready for you before the end of that day.

Once you have completed the course and are ready to get your driving permit, you will need another Enrollment Form from school to take to the OMV to get your permit. You will also need another enrollment form to get your permanent driver’s license. The enrollment form is only good for 30 days from the date the form was given to you. If you have any questions, please come to the front office, and we will help you.

Seniors will receive their graduation packages from Balfour on Tuesday, February 26 during second lunch. All orders must be paid in full. Anyone with an outstanding balance should have received a notice from Balfour. If you do not know your balance, please contact Mrs. Tricia Lowry or Balfour.

Juniors will be able to make ring payments on February 26 if there is an outstanding balance. Ring balances should be paid prior to May. The ring Mass ceremony will be held at Ascension of Our Lord Church on Saturday, May 11. Details will be sent at a later date.

Service Hours
There will be a Spring Clean Sweep of St. John Parish on Saturday, March 9th. The details are as follows: 8:30AM – Pick up supplies at Thomas F. Daley Memorial Park, Hwy. 51, LaPlace

9:30-11:30AM – Clean areas throughout St. John Parish
11:30AM – Return to Hwy 51 Park for Music, Food and Refreshments!!
Register with Terri Abadie at 985-652-9569 or online t.abadie@stjohn-la-gov

Lent Lock-In, March 15-16
The Lent Lock-In is scheduled for March 15th and 16th! Students should pick up a purple registration packet from the magazine rack by the front office. See Mrs. Poche or Mrs. Flynn if you have any questions! Registration is due on March 1st!

Senior Overnight Retreat
Registration for the Senior Overnight Retreat is now OPEN! The retreat will take place on March 21st and 22nd at Camp Abbey in Covington. All seniors are invited to participate in this optional retreat. Those seniors who do not attend the retreat are expected to be present at school on March 22nd. The seniors received a yellow informational packet during their religion classes. The first deposit, permission slip, and medical release must be turned in by February 22nd to ensure a spot on the retreat. The final payment must be turned in by March 15th. Parents are encouraged to go over the information packet with their child before registering.

Senior Retreat Letters
Family Members of SCC Seniors,
The senior overnight retreat is quickly approaching, and preparations are well underway. A special aspect of the retreat is when the seniors receive letters from their parents, other family members, and fellow classmates. These letters are sorted at school and then given to the students during the retreat. The intent of these letters is to uplift the students, recall fond memories, and ensure them that they are loved, supported, and prayed for by their Comet family. SCC would like to extend the invitation to the seniors' families to partake in this activity.

If you or anyone in your family would like to write a letter to anyone in the senior class, please follow the instructions below:
• All letters must have the senior’s first and last name displayed on the outside of the letter or envelope.
• All letters MUST be turned in by Wednesday, March 20th by 12:00PM. Any letter turned in after that time will not make it to the retreat and will be given to the seniors the following week.
• You may mail the letters to St. Charles Catholic c/o Senior Retreat to 100 Dominican Rd, Laplace, LA 70068
• Please be advised that the retreat is Thursday, March 21st; letters mailed too late will not make it to the retreat in time.
• Please DO NOT send any gifts or any other bulky items. We will ONLY be accepting letters. Thank you for your understanding.

Health & Wellness This Week:
Feeling Sick? What to Do!

This week we're noticing more sniffles and doctor's slips at SCC. Schools have always been an easy place to pick up germs, and during this flu season, we'd like to review some "best practices" for combatting sickness. We'd also like to give some advice of what to do if you have to miss school because of an illness. Helping each other get to Heaven sometimes means helping each other feel healthy on Earth!

How to keep well:
Avoid germs by washing your hands, keeping your hands to yourself, avoiding touching your eyes and nose, covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing, and wiping surfaces whenever possible.

Consider getting a flu shot. Every year new strands of the flu are offered as vaccinations in order to help the immune system fight off potentially dangerous strands of the virus. Stop by your local pharmacy or ask your doctor to learn more.

Stay hydrated & well-nourished! A body that gets enough water and enough healthy food can more easily fight off harmful germs.

What to do if you feel sick:
See a doctor. During this time of year, even mild symptoms can be the beginning of something that'll ruin your week. So don't delay!

Take vitamins & over-the counter medicines to combat symptoms & help yourself make it through the day.

Get rest. The body needs time to heal and work out whatever is keeping you down. Maybe go to bed a little earlier or consider taking a nap after school.

What to do if you're diagnosed with an illness by a doctor:
Do what doc says! If you're instructed to stay home, stay home. There are many people of varying health in your school community--some recovering from illness themselves, some expecting little bundles of joy, and many who simply don't want whatever it is that you may have. You need the rest, so stay home and get well.

Communicate with the school and your teachers about your absence. Have a parent or guardian call the office and express why you'll be out. Obtain a doctor's note so you can return to school with an excuse once you're better. And email your teachers, asking what work you've missed and what can be done to help you make up that work.

Get well. Take care of your body's needs by taking prescribed medication, getting rest, and drinking fluids. Your health is a gift from God, and honoring your body's needs will help you to maintain God's gift so you can get back to the awesome life He's planned for you.

Talk to your teen today about how important it is to care for their health by avoiding germs, considering others, and taking care of themselves when feeling ill. Visit these link for more information:

Center for Disease Control Tips

2018 - 2019 YEARBOOK ORDER
Go to Click on Job 362 or St. Charles Catholic High School. April 10th is the last day to purchase a book for $70. Student's name can be imprinted on the cover for an additional $10. Buy yours now!!