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Weekly roundup 10/28

The Comets participated in the District Championship meet at City Park on Tuesday October 26.  The meet was originally scheduled for Wednesday October 27 but was moved up a day due to inclimate weather conditions. Despite the rescheduling, the Comets all ran a great race. 8th Grader Tyler Milioto placed 4th in district, running a 18:09:24. 

Results from the District meet:

Jacques Vickanir: 24:48:47

Tyler Milioto: 18:09:24

Ava Vicknair: 27:31:00

Alejandra Menjivar: 28:17:73

Evan Brady: 25:36:18

Joshua Jensen: 24:18:73

Scott Drouin: 24:27:48

Brett Mader: 23:36:12

Jordan Roberts: 24:18:73

Torie Joseph: 32:22:28

Benjamin Brignac: 22:18:52

Juliana Portillo: 24:57:42xcava