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Weekly Roundup 10/12/21

The Comets participated in the annual Catholic High Invititational at Highland Park in Baton Rouge this past weekend. As the Comets near the end of their season before the district meet, they're working harder than ever to improve their times. The course this past Saturday was very muddy but had great scenery.

results from this past weekend:ccjuju

DJ Joseph: 33:23:00

Jacques Vicknair: 26:12:13

Tyler Milioto: 18:49:22

Immanuel Cooper: 29:54:64

Ava Vicknair: 27:58:22

Faith Williams: 29:24:37

Alejandra Menjivar: 27:54:61

Garrett Ide: 27:01:02

Evan Brady: 26:22:03

Joshua Jensen: 24:35:46

Scott Drouin: 25:18:63

Jordan Roberts: 26:08:89

Brett Mader: 25:14:35

Torie Joseph: 28:34:12

Benjamin Brignac: 23:14:26

Juliana Portillo: 24:13:48

Adrien Dixon: 21:48:51