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Weekly Roundup 9/29/21

The Comets competed in the Mount Carmel Cub Run at City Park this past weekend. Despite all the setbacks, all the runners still managed to to beat their previous times. These are the results from the meet this past weekend. ccadrien

DJ Joseph: 38:50:00

Jacques Vicknair: 27:21:96

Tyler Milioto: 19:01:91

Immanuel Cooper: 27:55:76

Ava Vicknair: 28:28:27

Faith Williams: 29:43:12

Alejandra Menjivar: 26:56:31

Garrett Ide: 28:58:50

Evan Brady: 25:05:28

Scott Drouin: 24:38:89

Brett Mader: 23:08:92

Jordan Roberts: 25:20:14

Torie Joseph: 30:06:23

Benjamin Brignac: 22:15:98

Juliana Portillo: 24:28:99

Adrien Dixon: 21:53:02