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Weekly Roundup (9/22/21)

The cross country team opened their season on Saturday, September 18, at the St. Thomas Aquinas high school in Hammond. The start to the season was delayed due the devastation caused by hurricane Ida. The Comets were excited to run in their first meet after practicing in the heat since the begininning of the summer.

Results from those members who competed in the St. Thomas Aquinas meet:

Tyler Milioto: 19:14:00

Ava Vicknair: 30:22:00

Evan Brady: 29:03:00

Joshua Jensesn: 25:11:00

Scott Drouin: 29:07:00

Brett Mader: 25:05:00

Juliana Portillo: 24:45:00

The Comets next meet will be Saturday September 25 at City Park.