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2020 Season

Cross Country State meet

On Monday, November 17, 2020,  the Cross Country runners competed in Natchitoches for their State meet. The team was very proud of their overall results. Gabriella Portillo states,”I am happy at the results of this year's team. Despite how this year has been, coach Brady showed his loyalty to our group and helped us accomplish our personal goals. SCC is very lucky to have such a great group of runners who give it their all.” Coach Brady exclaims, “Personal records were scored at the state meet by most members. The team performed all year never giving up and striving to do their best. I am looking forward to next year and being better at coaching. We had a great group of seniors from the class of 2021.” Way to go comets! We can’t wait to see some of you next year. 

Once again we want to congratulate these individuals:

Courtney Brouwer

Timmy Capdeboscq

Adrien Dixon

Joshua Jensen 

Torie Joseph

Alejandra Menjivar

Gabriella Portillo

Juliana Portillo

Ava Vicknair


Weekly Roundup (10/30/2020)

On Friday the Cross Country team competed in their district meet at City Park. The boys and girls competed very well. Boy’s captain, Timmy Capdeboscq placed ninth place in all districts! Coach Brady states that “Watching the athletes grow all year, their times at district were better than the times of the first meet. We are moving on to state in Natchitoches, on November 16 and are looking forward to some great times with awesome placements. Looking forward to competing at state.” We are so proud of the results from this year's season. We want to wish Gabriella Portillo, Juliana Portillo, Courtney Brouwer, Tori Joseph, Timmy Capdeboscq, Adrien Dixon, Torie Joseph, Alejandra Menjivar, Ava Vicknair, Ben Brignac, and Joshua Jensen a good at state.


Weekly Roundup (10/24/20)

The Cross Country team had a successful meet this past Saturday at St. John Parish library. The girls started off the meet with Courtney Brouwer and Gabriella Portillo placing top fifteen. Gabriella exclaims “I was very excited to see each runner improve their times! The course was nice to run on and the weather was great. I am very excited to see the outcome this Friday at district!” The boy’s did a great job as well. Ben Brignac ran his best meet this season. Way to go Comets!


Weekly Roundup (10/17/20)

This past weekend the Cross Country team ran at Hahnville High School. The team is more than half way through the season and each runner has achieved his/her goal.  The boys were the first runners to start off, and being that there were only two boys from our school competing, they managed to do well. Followed by the boys were the girls. Senior Courtney Brouwer said, “The results from this meet were all really positive. Many individuals improved their times which really helps keep the team motivated.” The girls placed third place overall which is a big improvement. As a whole, the team  has potential and brings forth positive energy throughout their races. Comets are  working very hard. This upcoming weekend the comets will be running at St. John Parish library. Way to go to the Cross Country team!


Weekly Roundup (10/3/2020)

On Saturday, October 3, the Cross Country team ran once again at Hahnville High School. The meet began with the girls running at 8 a.m. and boy’s at 9 in the morning. The runners are improving their times every race! Girls runner Gabriella Portillo states that, “We would not have been able to compete like we have been without a dedicated coach. Coach Brady has shown us how continuous hard work will pay off in the end.” Good luck to our Comets as they continue to fly high and shine bright on Saturday mornings. We are looking forward to seeing how they compete this weekend. 


Weekly Roundup (9/26/2020)

On Saturday, September 26, 2020, the Comets did it again! They competed at Hahnville High School, and improved their times. Yvette Aguirre states,”We were excited to change things up and run a new course at Hahnville. Thankfully, the weather was cool and the team ran a successful race. We're anxious to run there again for the next few meets.” Gabriella Portillo came in 6th place overall with a time of 24:54.25. The boy’s did just as well with Timmy Capdeboscq coming in 25th place overall with a time of 21:38.22. The team is doing well and still has time to improve. We are all excited to see the Comets compete this Saturday again at Hahnville. The Cross Country team continues to work and are preparing for a great rest of their season!


Weekly Roundup (9/21/20)

Being the first fall sport to begin, The Cross Country team ran their first three meets and performed very well. Their first meet took place at St. Thomas Aquinas. The girl’s runner Juliana Portillo states, “I was very lucky to be able to start off my season with a good course and a great team." The girls and boys times were not their best, but they were happy with the season's first meet.

The following week the Cross Country team ran their second meet at St. Thomas Aquinas again! The heat didn’t affect the team’s running, yet it approved it. A few girls dropped their times by almost two minutes. The boys are doing very well to say that they have only two boy runners. The girls and boys are looking forward to seeing what the next meet brings. The team still has room for improvement.

The Comets ran their third meet this past weekend at Ponchatoula High School. The runners ran in the cold and rainy weather. The team managed to improve their times once again from their first two meets. Team captain Gabriella Portillo exclaims that, “Despite the change in weather, our team strived and exceeded their best ability; I am so excited to have a team with determined runners.” Great job to our runners for their hard work! 


2020 Cross Country Preview

      As the SCC Cross Country team takes on this season, the team looks stronger than ever. The team now has 4 seniors followed by 5 more runners. The team has practiced very hard through rain and shine in anticipation for a great season. The Comets are dedicated to its team with practice at 7 in the morning once a week. Also, they practice every afternoon after school at 3. The team practices very hard to improve their times! The team is confident about their upcoming season and expect great things from themselves. Girl’s team runner Courtney Brouwer states, “I'm expecting a lot of good things from the team we have this year. We've been working hard with a positive mindset, and I'm excited to see us improve throughout the season.” We are eager to see how the girl's do this season. Timmy Capdeboscq believes that, "Even with few team members, I Believe it is possible to take great strides towards our personal growth during this cross country season." We are expecting great things this season from our Comets.

      This year's Cross Country team is proud to have a new coach, Mr. Joey Brady. Coach states that "As a coach for many years, this group of athletes are committed to our sport, enthusiastic about accomplishing great things, and are true representatives of St. Charles Catholic." The team is very pleased and grateful to have a coach like him. Coach Brady has returned back to SCC for his second time throughout his teaching career, after being retired from Destrehan High School.

The roster for this year's team includes the following:Gabriella Portillo, Courtney Brouwer, Timmy Capdeboscq, Yvette Aguirre, Adrien Dixon, Torie Joseph,Alejandra Menjivar, Juliana Portillo, Ava Vicknair, Ben Brignac, Joshua Jensen, Carlaya Scott.