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2018 Season

2018 Season

Finishing The Season Strong 

Congratulations to the SCC Girls’ and Boys’ Cross-country Team on finishing their season strong!  Both the girls and boys participated in the State meet at Northwestern State University on Tuesday, November 13th .

The girls placed 7th out of 19 teams.

The boys placed 13th out of 35 teams.


The following student athletes finished the 3-mile mud-ridden course with the following times:

Gabrielle Portilla 27th Place 27:08

Juliana Portilla 49th Place 29: 14

 Ashleigh Zaidan 51st Place 29:40

Courtney Brouwer 70th place 30:56

Jessica Basilides 71st Place 31:04

Blakley Heltz 111th Place 38:14


Collin Cedotal 52nd Place 22:34

Luke Ringe 62nd Place 23:20

Greg Bergeron 70th Place 25:17

Ishan Iyer 71st Place 24:01

Dominic Boesen 85th Place24:49

Devon Rucker 97th Place25:17

Jack Chapman119thPlace 26:59

District Meet

Congratulations to the following Comets who participated in the District meet at Audubon park Wednesday.  The top seven girls and top seven boys will be competing in the state meet in Natchitoches.  The top seven girls include: Courtney Brouwer, Gabriella Portillo, Julianna Portillo, Jessica Basilides, Lauren St. Martin, Blakely Heltz, and Ashleigh Zaidain.  The top seven boys include: Ishan Iyer, Collin Cedotal, Dominic Boesen, Devon Rucker, Gregory Bergeron, Luke Ringe, and Jack

Girls Results

Boys Results

Country Day Cajun Classic

This Saturday, the cross country team traveled to New Orleans to compete in the Country Day Cajun Classic.  The girls team had an average time of 25:28.02 with Courtney Brouwer finishing at 24:53.53 and Gabby Portillo with a 24:54.12. The boys had an average time of 20:30.95 with Ishan Iyer finishing at 20:05.70 and Collin Cedotal finishing with a 20:06.44.  The team continues to prepare for their district and state meets later on in the season.

LSU Invitational

The cross country team traveled to Baton Rouge to compete in the LSU Invitational.  The boys had an average time of 20:05.60 finishing in 9th place out of all 17 teams that participated.  The girls had an average time of 25:20.87 finishing in 6th place out of the 11 teams that participated.  Leading the Comets was Devon Rucker with a time of 19:19.48, and Courtney Brouwer with a time of 23:26.18.  The Comets are now preparing for their next meet at Audubon Park on Thursday, September 27th.

Boys Results

Girls Results

Nicholls Meet

SCC Runners go, Go, GO!!!cc
This past Saturday the girls’ and boys’ Cross Country teams went to Thibodaux, LA to show of their skills in a muddy, puddle-ridden course. Varsity teams ran the Dr. Richard Morvant 3-mile course in Thoroughbred Park. SCC girls finished an average time of 29:24 with Gabriella Portillo finishing at 27:41 as the 21st finisher and at Lauren St. Martin finished at 28:52 at 28th place out of 43 runners. The boys had an average time of 23:59 with Collin Cedotal finishing at 22:58 as the 26th finisher and Dominic Boesen finishing with a 23:09 at 28th place out of 55 runners. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR CROSS COUNTRY COMETS!!