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2019 Season

Tennis Weekend Wins

Congratulations to the tennis team for their victories on Friday, March 22 vs Lutcher.

Single match winners: Bobby Newsome, AJ Iyer, and April Bourlet

Doubles match Winners: Bobby Newsome and AJ Iyer - 2 wins, Miranda Hotard and Sajel Patel, April Bourlet and Sophia Robichaux, Sara St. Pierre and Nathan Abadie, and Grace Vicknair and Hailey Hilbun

They also played on Monday, March 25 at St. Martin's. The singles matches were long and hardfought. The Comets fought with everything they had and continue to improve.

Doubles match winners: AJ Iyer and Ishon Iyer, Hailey Hilbun and Miranda Hotard, Grace Vicknair and Mya Voiron, and Bobby Newsome and Sajel Patel.                                              

Picture of Ishon

Comets Defeat Thibodaux

Congratulations to the tennis team for their victories yesterday at Thibodaux High. Even though there was a gusty wind, the Comets were able to persevere.

Singles winners: Bobby Newsome, AJ Iyer, and Caitlyn Rojas

Doubles winners: Bobby Newsome and AJ Iyer, Sejal Patel and Hailey Hilbun, Madonna Trinh and Miranda Howard, Bailey Bourgeois and Ashleigh Zaidain.

The Comets will take on Lutcher on March 22 at their courts.

Tennis News

Comets took on John Curtis at home on Wednesday, Feburary 2 at Belle Terre. AJ and Ishan Iyer each won their singles and doubles matches 8-5,8-1, and  8-3. Hailey Hilbun won her singles match 8-6, Grace Vicknair and Madonna Trinh won their doubles match 8-3, Bailey Bourgeois and Ashleigh Zaidan won their doubles match 8-4, and Mya Voiron and Karen Trichell won 8-2. Good luck to the girls as they play them again on Monday, February 18.