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2017 Season

Tennis Season is Underway

The Comets opened the tennis season with H.L. Bourgeois. Two players won both their matches, Claude Hill and Robert Newsome. Claude Hill won both of his sets 6-1. Robert Newsome won his first set 7-6 and his second 6-1. 

The next team the Comets played was Hahnville high school. Claude Hill was the only boy who won, 8-0. Shelby Ory and Shana Breaux won their matches. They both won their matches 6-0. 

The Comets went on to play Destrehan. Against Destrehan, the Comets played 8.5 matches, winning 4 of the matches. In singles, Claude and Robert both won their matches. Shana Breaux played in singles and won her match and played 3 sets. In the girls doubles Abby Roussel and Shelby Ory played together to go on and win their match while playing 2 sets.

The Comets will go on to play Central Lafourche on February 23 away at 3 o’clock.

Central Lafourche

The Comets had a strong outing aginst Central Lafourche witrh a  4-4 record to finish the day.

Robert Newsome won his singals match 6-4,6-2. Ishon Iyer and Arjin Iyer won there doubles match winnig the first set 6-2 ,dropping the second set 5-7, and winning the 3rd set
10-8. Ishon also compated with Crodell Rojo winning 8-1 in a proset. Averi Rojos won her singals match 6-3,6-1.

Comets defeat Terrebonne

The Comet tennis team was back in action at Belle Terre in LaPlace. They played Terrebonne high school and the Comets won 6-3. Claude Hill won his match 10-8. Along with Claude, Robert Newsome won his match. 

In boys doubles, Ishan Iyer and A.J. won their match 6-4.

In girls singles Kassidy Terrio won her match. She lost her first set, but the she took the last two sets.

All the 3 girls doubles won their matchesAbbi Roussel and Shelby Ory got a win in the girls doubles. Also, Nicole Bourgeois and Averi Rojas won their doubles’ match. Another girls doubles   was Sophia Simon and Dominique Perriloux, and they won their first two sets of the match. 

The Comets will be back in action home against E.D. White at 3:00 on Thursday, March 16.

Weekly Roundup March 7-15

The Comets are having a great March so far with a March record of 11-4. The duo of Coedell Rojo And Ishan Iyer racked up another great victory vs
John Curtis 6-2,6-3. Robert Newsom and Claude Hill also won their doubles match vs John curtis 6-1,6-2. The Female Doubles teams of Abby Roussel,Shelby Ory and Nicole Bourgeois, Avri Rojas also won their resprective games 7-5,6-1 and 6-1,6-1.

Claude Hill and Robert Newsome now compeating as singles competitors won both of thier matches, Claude won his match 7-6,4-7,6-1,10-8, Robert won his match 6-4,6-0. Kassidy Terrio won her singals match in a hard fought back and forth match resulting in a score of 4-6,7-5,11-9. Abby Roussel and Shelby Ory have jelled as a team and won another match. Nicole Bourgeois and Avri Rojas won their doubles match 6-2,6-0. New Team of Sophia Simon and Dominique Perriloux won thier doubles Match 6-0,6-0.

South Lafourche Win

The Comets racked up a good team win against South Lafourche on Wednesday April 12th,winning 5 out of eight matches. Claude Hill won his singles match. Robert Newsome won his signals match 8-1. Arjin and Ishon Iyer won their singles match 10-8, they are a great young team that Comets are lucky to have on their side. Kassidy Terrio Won her signals match with a breeze 8-3. Shana Breaux won her signals match by overpowering her opponent 8-4. Abbi Roussel and Shana Breaux lost a close doubles match 7-8. Sophia Simon and Hannah Babin won their signals match 8-5. The Comets are gearing up to compete in the Regional tournament.