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Assumption Tournament Champs

The Comets won three straight games and won the Assumption tournament.

Jason Bosco earned all tournament first team.

The Comets Defeat Berwick (LA)

Jason Bosco's 27 points propelled the Comets to a 62-44 victory over Berwick on Saturday.

The Comets pulled ahead early with a 23-point first quarter, eventually claiming a 37-20 lead by halftime.

Bosco was the front runner for the Comets offense with 27 points, including 10 during the second period. He also contributed nine rebounds.owen/jason

Two other players also racked up double digit scores for the Comets. Joe Mamou contributed 14 points and Owen Bourgeois racked up 10 points. Also contributing for the Comets were Justin Dumas (6 points, 3 rebounds), Reggie Hackett (3 points, 2 rebounds), and Reed (2 points, 2 rebounds, 1 block).

The Comets finished the game with 27 rebounds (8 offensive / 19 defensive) and three blocks.

The Comets earned a big Win Versus Central Catholic (Morgan City, LA)

Jason Bosco scored 24 points to bring St. Charles Catholic to a 47-43 victory over Central Catholic on Friday. On a two-pointer from Bosco, the Comets clinched their win in the fourth quarter. With a 14-point second quarter, the Comets pulled ahead early on the strength of a 9-4 run, eventually boasting a 27-21 lead by halftime. With a field goal percentage of 47% (9-for-19), Bosco had a great game from the field, also sinking 50% (5-for-10) of threes attempted. Also helping the effort for St. Charles Catholic were Justin Dumas (8 points, 6 rebounds, 1 block), Joe Mamou (7 points, 5 rebounds), Owen Bourgeois (6 points, 1 rebound), and Reggie Hackett (2 points, 3 rebounds). The Comets finished the game with 31 rebounds (7 offensive / 24 defensive) and one block. 

The Comets Win Versus South Terrebonne (Bourg, LA)

St. Charles Catholic won 51-44 against South Terrebonne on Thursday with the help of Jason Bosco, who scored 18 points. On a two-pointer from Owen Bourgeois, the Comets clinched their win in the fourth quarter.

The Comets came back forcibly in the final two quarters, after being behind early in the game, trailing 26-23 at the half. The Comets had a late in the game scoring blast, putting up 18 points in the final quarter on the strength of a 16-2 run.

Bosco led the Comets offense, going 4-for-11 (36%) from the field while also sinking 73% (8-for-11) of free throws attempted.

Two other players also scored in the double digits for the Comets. Bourgeois contributed 14 points and Tyler Delanuville had 10 points. Also contributing for St. Charles Catholic were Joe Mamou (5 points, 6 rebounds), White (2 points), and Reggie Hackett (2 points, 2 rebounds). Justin Dumas was a big defensive contributor as well, racking up seven rebounds and two blocks. The Comets finished the game with 37 rebounds (5 offensive / 32 defensive) and two blocks.                                                        


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