• 2019 American All-Star Competition Results 

    The Starsteppers competed in the American All-Star Louisiana State Dance & Drill Team Competition at the CajunDome in Lafayette this past weekend. In Division I they placed 5th in Jazz, 3rd in Kick, and 2nd in Pom. We are very proud of our Starsteppers for working hard,  flying high and shining bright.

    The SCC Starsteppers practice almost all year. They are hard working dancers that demonstrate outstanding technique and flexibility. From tryouts in March, they attend camp and have a mini camp during the summer. During the school year, they attend all football games and perform at halftime. They also practice hard to compete at state competitions and a national competition, which is in Disney World, in January and February. 

    "We have a fabulous group of dedicated young ladies on this year’s team. It’s an honor to watch them grow and shine together. I truly enjoy working with the Starsteppers, it brings back so many fun memories of when I was on the team." - Sarah Faucheaux, 2019-2020 Starstepper Sponsor



    2019-2020 Starsteppers Announced!

    Sydney Pfister (Captain)

    Kate Brady

    Amari Coleman

    Chloe Genovese

    Dominique Johnson

    Morgan "Alli" Pero

    Allison Powell

    Jeanne St. Martin

    Karen Trichell

    Lauren Weber