Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • Current News:

    FCA has been very strong so far during this 2022-2023 school year.  FCA meets every Thursday night in the Commons and the gym. It is open to all students in grades 8-12. You do not have to be an athlete to participate in FCA. It is one of the most popular and active clubs on campus.

    A typical meeting is very much like SCC retreats. Students will have an icebreaker or play games. Students then divide up into a huddle with a leader and discuss the topic of the night. After huddles, students go into a quiet time to reflect and listen to songs.

    “FCA is just a family inside of SCC. You can be open with anyone and it just feels amazing. My favorite part of FCA is quiet time. Quiet time is just a time for me to reflect and talk to God.”-Caden Barrios 

    “FCA allows our students to feel comfortable expressing their love for Christ and his or her faith.” -Lyric Williams

    “FCA helps shape me into the person I would like to be while also influencing me to be a better person for others. It's a blessing to have FCA and i truly encourage everyone to give it a try.”-Julia Gilberti

    “I enjoy how FCA is a judge-free environment where everybody can talk about their faith and personal life openly.” -Logan Forsythe

    “FCA has been a very important part of my life the past 3 years. It has opened my faith life and has strengthened my relationship with God. Becoming a leader this year has been a true blessing. Being able to lead and talk to my peers about a certain topic is very enjoyable.” -Josh Tamplain