Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), was formed for students to be able to connect with God especially through athletics. 

    The FCA ministry pursues the vision and mission through the strategy of "to and through" the coach, first to coaches hearts, marriages and families.  Coaches then reach out to their fellow coaches, teams, and athlete leaders.

    St. Charles Catholic hosts FCA meetings led by a student leadership team every Thursday night at 6:30pm in the music room or the gym.  Every meeting starts with a fun sports activity followed by huddle sessions, worship, a speaker, and/or quiet time. Quiet time is one of the student favorite activities. Everyone spreads out with the lights out and music playing to connect one on one with God uninterrupted. 

    FCA acts as an escape from practice, school, and stress. It gives the youth a chance to have the time to connect with their faith and encounter God in ways that their normal schedule wouldn’t allow.  FCA leaders also attend and are available at anytime, even out of FCA, to help student with their faith or even if they just need advice about life not related to FCA. FCA is a family that wants to help and support each other to grow in faith and to succeed in life. Members are not even required to play a sport. No one will ever be turned down from coming to a meeting. Leaders take it upon themselves to make sure everyone feels welcomed and feel encouraged to come to the next meeting.

     Quotes From Members:

    "The meetings are an easy way to make new friends while insuring a comfortable environment to praise God in your own way." - Kirstin Wilson 

    "FCA has truly changed my life for the better, I just wish there was a meeting everyday." -Dominic Boesen