• Current News:

    Congratulations to the new executive board for the 2020-2021 Beta Club: President Yvette Aguirre, Vice-President Sejal Patel, Secretary Joe Haydel.

    Beta Club:

    Based on your performance last year, you may be selected to be an academic leader through our school’s chapter of Beta Club. If you would like to serve with our club this year, please do the following:

    Membership Requirements

    •  New members have been invited if they ended the 2019-2020 school year with A’s and B’s only.
    •  Returning members have been invited back if they…
      • Ended the 2019-2020 school year with A’s and B’s.

    Membership Obligations

    • Fully participate in at least one Beta Club service project. (If we are able to return to a traditional school model during the year, we will extend this requirement to TWO for those students who   were members last year but were unable to fulfill the service requirement.)
    • Sell one box of World’s Finest Chocolate.
    • Sell Yuda Bands (new for this year; details TBA).
    • Maintain an A/B report card average (no C’s). We will check your grades when report cards are issued in January. If you have a C or lower in any subject, you will   be placed on probation; if you end the 2020-2021 school year with a C or lower in any  subject, you will be excused from the club.
    • Maintain a good character standing. Members will be excused from the club if they are issued an office detention for serious actions such as cheating, fighting, etc. (based on Mr. Scalco’s recommendation).
    • Club dues are nonrefundable.
    • Seniors who have met all membership requirements for their junior and senior years will be awarded a medal to wear at graduation.

    2020-2021 School Year Members:

    9th Grade:

    Gia Adams, Kayleigh Belvin, Katherine Bergeron, Madelyn Borne, Kate Brady, Mahri-Jahn Chevalier, Scott Drouin, Jaylen Ellsworth, Krissten Ellsworth, Ka'Lee Green, Madison Gradney, Layla Jackson, Domonique Johnson, Joseph McClinton, Mikayla Penton, Taylor Robinson, Brooke Ronnenburg, Rylee San Andres, Hayley Scioneaux, Brooke Smith, Chavoni Smith, and Amari Tassin.

    10th Grade:

    Nathan Abadie, Avery Bailey, Mya Brown, Brady Burns, Torie Jospeh, Bella Marix, Brett Mader, Alexis Monistere, Mia Oncale, Erin Powell, Sarah Beth Sirmon, and Jaylen Sims.

    11th Grade: 

    Kaitlyn Abair, Dani Aucion, Caden Barrios, Hannah Brady, Eric Cador, Makayla Chaney, Amari Coleman, Barry Cummins, Adrien Dixon, Brooke Forsythe, Joseph Haydel, Karli Evans, Chloe Genovese, Madison Hebert, Jenna Hickman, Jake Jeandron, Ryan Laiche, Brittany Marshall, Jaiden Mitchell, Lauren Oncale, Allison Powell, Margaret Powell, Tank Nelson, Christian Riviere, Caitlyn Rojas, Kassadi Ross, Emma Schumert, Ethan Seymour, Jeanne St. Martin, Essence Tarrence, Karen Trichell, Zack Vicknair, Chardae Victorian, Mya Voiron, Lauren Weber, Aubrey Westbrook, Tiffany Williams, and Imani Wilson.

    12th Grade:

    Danielle Adams, Yvette Aguirre, Rylee Alexander, Brianna Bourgeois, Thomas Chapman, Mia Coleman, Dyanta Cook, Connor Dejean, Alani Dew, Destiney Ducote, Jeremiah Emery, Brynn Furgeson, Emily Giammolva, Blakely Heltz, Liberty Hughes, Ishan Iyer, Alexis Jones, Shane Jacob, Domonic Joseph, Mylah Joseph, Hunter Marse, Melody Newsome, Bryce Ory, Sejal Patel, Taylor Perilloux, Sydnie Sims, Lauren St. Martin, Sara St. Pierre, Silas Thomas, Jacob Todd, and Lyric Williams.