Art Club

Art Club

  • Art Club:

    The Art club had their first meeting on Wednesday, September 4, along with the creative writing club. Everyone from grades 8-12 were welcomed to attend. Ms. Robyn Denny, the coordinator, discussed what will be taking place throughout the year, such as having the annual Halloween party, painting a mural, publishing their own booked called PULSE, and going on a field trip. The students even get to suggest their own ideas and vote on things that they would like to do. Each student pays a fee of $5 to join the club. Junior, Destiny Ducote said “ I’m excited for all of the fun activities that this year has in store and can’t wait to share my ideas and talents with other members.”


    2019-2020 Members:

    Hailey Boeckl, Lily Bordelon, Brianna Bourgeois, Aimee Dauenhauer, Romian Davis, Smantha DeFrancesch, Adrien Dixon, Destiny Ducote, Chelsea Duhon, Logan Falgout, Dylan Frickey, Brynn Furgeson, Jashan Gaudet, Jenna Hickman, Hailey Hilbun, Miranda Hotard, Brett Mader, Brittany Marshall, Jacob Molyneau, Amelia Mouton, Zachry Ramirez, Caityln Rojas, Sloane Schweizer, Dallas Silvestri, Dillion Silvestri, John Stauder, Alexis Teabout, Calvin Trinh, Chardae Victorian, and Kelsey Villeret


    Bookmaking Meeting:

    The art club along with the creative writing club had a meeting that was held on Saturday, September 28. Each student made their own sketchbook/journal to use throughout the year; whether it’s to sketch drawings or write poetry. Students were even able to purchase fancier paper for $1 a piece. Junior Emily Giammolva said “When I first went to make my book I didn’t expect  it to be as exciting, but it encouraged me to be more creative and think outside the box.” The next meeting will be the Halloween party which will be held on October 28.


    Bookmaking Meeting