• School dances are a great way to socialize with peers at SCC. This year Student Council will host four different dances: Back to School Dance, Homecoming, Personality Dance, and Prom. All grade levels can attend Back to School Dance, Homecoming, and Personality Dance. Prom is strictly for Juniors and Seniors unless an underclassmen is asked by a Junior or Senior. Please feel encouraged to attend because students always have a great time!

    Dance Guidelines
     1. Admission and Attendance                                                                                                                                                                                           a. To ensure the success of the dance and justify the time, effort, and money expended for each dance,those participating are expected to attend for at least two hours. No one will be allowed to enter the dance any later than 30 minutes after the dance has begun nor leave any earlier than 30 minutes before the dance ends.
    b. Unusual circumstances that would necessitate an exception in the arrival or departure time must be cleared through the Principal.
    c. Once a student leaves the school premises, the school is no longer responsible for his/her safety or whereabouts. Once someone leaves the dance, he/she may not return.
    d. All students will sign in upon arrival and will sign out if leaving prior to the end of the dance.
    e. No dance will last beyond 1:00 a.m.
    f. Only SCC students and their dates may attend as long as they both enter at the same time.
    g. Students who want to bring an out-of-school date must submit a completed “Dance Permission Form” to Mr. Scalco by the deadline indicated on the form.  Failure to meet the deadline will negate your privilege of bringing an out-of-school date.
    h. In particular, girls’ apparel at dances should reflect modesty. Any outfit that is considered lacking in modesty will result in that student being asked to leave the dance.

    2. Conduct Before and During the Dance
    a. The possession and/or use of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs is strictly forbidden. Anyone suspected of violating this rule will be expelled from the dance. The students involved will be subject to expulsion. If not an SCC student, they will be excluded from future functions. Parents will be notified.
    b. Smoking is a violation of the city fire code for gymnasiums and cafeteria and, hence, is not permitted in the gym cafeteria.
    c. Students are to uphold Christian conduct in the way that they dance. Any vulgar or elicit dance styles are not acceptable. We must not forget our call to honor each individual with respect in the way that we celebrate during dances.
    d. Pre/Post activities: We realize that activities before and after dances are a normal part of everyday life; however, we do ask that students and parents be mindful of the following guidelines:

    1. Expenses should be kept to a minimum.
    2. Activities involving the serving of alcoholic beverages to minors is a serious violation of
    civil and school rules.
    3. Dance admission times must be observed.
    4. Guidelines for dates must be adhered to.

    Dance Dress Codes and Regulations

    Back to School 
     Casual pants, jeans (no holes or shreds); pants must fit properly (no oversized clothing) and must be worn at an appropriate level to the waist 
     NO shorts 
     Hemlines for dresses or skirts must be a modest length 
     No skin tight or excessively short skirts or dresses 
     No tube tops, midriffs, bare backs, or low necklines 
     Tennis shoes, dress shoes, or sandals may be worn
     No blouses with vulgar or inappropriate sayings, pictures, or symbols
     No pierced body parts may be visible
     Casual pants, jeans (no holes or shreds); pants must fit properly (no oversized clothing) and must be worn at an appropriate level to the waist. NO shorts  Tennis shoes, dress shoes, or sandals may be worn
     No pierced body parts may be visible
     No shirts with vulgar or inappropriate sayings, pictures, or symbols

    Homecoming and Personality Dance:

    Girls:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Same as above with the following additions:
    No jeans
    No immodest bare backs, no low necklines, visible midriffs or cut-outs
    Dress shoes must be worn
    Same as above with the following additions:
    No jeans; dress shoes must be worn

    Prom (Specific Prom dress guidelines will be distributed in March)

     May wear a long or short evening dress, appropriately fitting and modest
     NO visible midriffs
     Backs must be covered below traditional waistline. Material from the front of the dress must be visible when viewing the dress from behind.

     No front or side cut outs below the traditional bra-line will be allowed unless they are covered by sheer material. Back cut outs do not have the waistline fully on the back (not wrapping to the side).

     Necklines must be modest. Strapless dresses are acceptable if the neckline is modest.
     Dress shoes must be worn. No casual sandals, tennis shoes, boots, or slippers.

    Boys may wear a tuxedo or suit (no sport coats and slacks)
     Dress shoes and dress socks (no tennis shoes)
     No pierced body parts are to be visible
     Shirts must be tucked in at all times
    Any clothing advertising sex, drugs, alcohol, or violence will not be accepted. Non-SCC students who do not meet the dress requirements will not be admitted, and no refunds will be given. SCC students are responsible for informing their date of the dress guidelines.