• St. Charles Catholic High School holds a formal festive Carnival Ball every Mardi Gras season.   The Carnival Ball at St. Charles Catholic High School has been a tradition for the school and the entire community for over 30 years.  The gym is transformed and the king and queen are presented to a royal court each year.  As Jack Snowdy once stated, “The frivolity and glittering Carnival Balls and other carefree events of the Mardi Gras season are mere preludes to the reality of Lent and the preparation for the death and joyous resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Experiences at St. Charles Catholic High School are dedicated to the formation of the whole student in mind, body, and spirit.  This Catholic school cultivates a strong community, joining parishioners, families, teachers, and neighbors behind the indispensable task of teaching children to draw from their God-given gifts and to share those treasures and traditions with others. 


2019 Carnival Ball Court

  • Krewe de Charles Ball Masque XXXII
    Congratulations to the following court members of the 2019 SCC Carnival Ball:
    King Grant Vicknair  Queen Ashlynn King
    Dukes                       Maids
    Trey Lowry                Keri Clement
    Bryce Newman          Madeleine Millet
    Sutton Bourgeois       Shannon Monica
    Anderson Sirmon       Madeline Brignac
    Samuel Accardo         Maggie Morton