Advanced Placement

  • Advanced Placement courses, which are taught at a college level, are available to junior and senior students who then test to earn college credit.  The SCC AP program provides students with four courses:  American History, American Government & Politics (Civics), English Language and Composition, and English Literature and Composition (English IV and/or V).  However, students do have the option to take exams in courses not available at St. Charles Catholic High School. 

    More than 90 percent of colleges and universities in the United States have an AP policy granting incoming students credit, placement or both for qualifying AP exam scores. Institutions in more than 55 countries recognize AP in their admissions process. 

    When asked about AP workshops and how they affect her teaching, English Language and Composition-AP teacher Peggy Bordelon replied, “The AP Workshops help because they give me new strategies to use to help the students achieve higher scores.” 

    Advanced Placement classes help the student prepare for college in a high school environment. “It helps them understand what a college literature classroom would be like and enables them to be able to discuss Literature in an adult manner. This also gives the students a chance to study in a smaller class,” Melanie Lohfink, Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition teacher, said. 

    Advanced Placement exam fees of $92.00 per subject will be paid in August each year.