Student Retreats

  • At the start of every school year, all students grades 8-12 attend retreats as a class. The theme for this school year comes from Psalm 16:8 "We Will Not Be Shaken." Students will be reminded of the theme at the school masses held each month. Retreat team leaders, Mrs. Raleigh Poche and Mrs. Carly Flynn found this theme fitting for the school year because it is a constant reminder that even though the hardest times and during the toughest battles, with God at our right hand we will not be shaken. Poche and Flynn work alongside their twenty-four retreat team members. Considering the circumstances this year, the St. Charles Catholic faculty couldn’t hold all the student retreats at once. With this change, the Retreat Team was able to host retreats for not only the eighth-graders, but also the freshman, sophomores, and juniors at SCC.  “As a Retreat Team member, I had a faith-filled day leading the underclassmen. With so much positive feedback from the faculty, it was a wonderful experience talking about my faith and connection to God. I am very sad that I can only do this for one year because if I had the opportunity, I would do this forever,” said senior Retreat Team member Luke Boucvalt.  

    Senior Retreat

    After two days of hard work, the Retreat Team finally went on a retreat of their own. They had guest speaker Stephanie Davis who talked to them about finding themselves and knowing their faults. Everyone was touched by Mrs. Stephanie’s words and wisdom. Retreat Team members were at SCC and listened to her speak in person as a gift for all their hard work. Other seniors joined their classmates through Google Meet. “Although it was not how we all anticipated it to be, it was nice to reconnect with all of our classmates through Mrs. Stephanie’s wonderful talk,” said Antoinette Chiarella.

    Junior Retreat 

    The junior class had a very spiritual retreat. The students were also touched by guest speaker Stephanie Davis whose message was to encourage those on their self-confidence. The retreat team also created a skit that was shown to all classes. The Retreat team talked to the juniors and made sure to remind them about the school’s theme “We Will Not Be Shaken.” They also wrote their final letter to their senior year selves. “My junior year retreat was different from all my past years, but it was the most relevant to what’s going on in our world today. The theme “We Will Not Be Shaken” reminded me that even through the hard times in our life, through Christ, we will not be shaken,” said junior Madison Hebert.

    Sophomore, Freshman, and Eighth Grade Retreat

    The sophomore, freshman, and eighth-grade retreats were all held at SCC at different times, and they loved every second of it. There were many activities that they participated in such as ice breakers, writing their letters to their future selves, and times of meditation. They were treated to a whole new experience with the new safety protocol at SCC. The Retreat Team made sure that they had the best day ever by showing them skits, having faith-related talks, and games to keep them interested. The eighth-graders specifically were treated to a gift from their senior big brother or big sister. This is a tradition that has been held up for years at SCC and it has always been special.