Class Retreats

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    At the start of every school year, all students grades 8-12 attend retreats as a class. The theme for this school year comes from 2 Timothy 4:17. Students will be reminded of the theme at the school masses held each month. Retreat team leader, Mrs. Raleigh Poche, found this theme fitting for the school year because it is a constant reminder that even though the hardest times and during the toughest battles, with God, friends, and family at our right hand we will be stronger together. Poche works alongside their twenty-five retreat team members.  “As a retreat team member, I absolutely loved leading the eight graders and freshman at the retreat. I wish I could have another year of being at SCC because I would do it all again,” said senior Retreat Team member Juliana Portillo. 

    Seniors, Freshman, and Eighth Grade

    The seniors, freshmen and eighth grade retreats were all held at SCC. They did many activities such as writing letter to their future selves, but their favorite part was meeting their big and little brothers and sisters. The eighth graders and freshmen were treated to a gift from their senior big brother or big sister. This is a tradition that has been held up for years at SCC, and it has always been special. 


    The sophomore retreat was held at The First Baptist Church, and they loved every second of it. There were many activities that they participated in such as ice breakers, writing letters to their future selves, and times of meditation. The Retreat Team made sure that they had the best day ever by showing them skits, having faith-related talks, and games to keep them interested. They later joined the seniors, freshmen, and eighth graders at SCC for a faith-filled mass.


    The junior class had a very spiritual retreat. The students were touched by guest speaker, Brandon Hebert , who talked to them about their relationships with God and how to continue that throughout the school year. The teachers also created a skit to remind them about the the school’s theme “Stronger Together.” They did many different activities including writing their final letter to their senior selves. “It felt great to be back with my classmates and attend mass together,” said junior Bella Marix. Junior Abdel Nabut stated, “Retreat was filled with many laughs and amazing talks.” The retreat leader, Ty Monica, says, “The juniors proved to be small in numbers but big at heart… The school theme ‘Stronger Together’ resonated throughout the St. Joan of Arc family life center.