Student Retreats

  • At the start of every school year, all students grades 8-12 attend retreats as a class. The theme for this school year comes from Colossians 1:17 "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." Students will be reminded of the theme at the school masses held each month. Retreat team leaders, Mrs. Raleigh Poche and Mrs. Carly Flynn, found this theme fitting for the school year because it is a constant reminder that God is always above everything no matter what. Poche and Flynn work alongside their twenty-two retreat team members. They worked on the senior and 8th grade retreat and will continue to lead retreats at local feeder schools. Each retreat is filled with inspiring talks, funny skits, and icebreaker games to introduce the theme. 

    Senior Retreat

    Those seniors who are not a part of the SCC 2020 Retreat Team arrived at campus in time to listen to Dr. Andrew St. Martin as he spoke about being open to God’s calling. After the special speaker, the seniors met and bonded with their little brother and sister for lunch. After lunch, the freshmen and sophomore classes joined the senior and eighth grade classes for mass. When mass over, everyone voted for the senior to yell “ATTITUDE CHECK.” This year's winner was senior Vladimir Fefe. “I was excited to become a role model to all the new students who are joining the Comet family and to be a part of an amazing retreat team,” said senior Morgan Williams.

    Junior Retreat 

    On August 15th, St. Charles Catholic brought the junior class to St. Joan of Arc family life center for their yearly retreat. This year students were touched by the guest speaker, Stephanie Davis, whose message was to encourage those on their self-confidence. Students watched a video, participated in icebreakers, and partnered up to reflect. The juniors also focused on this school's theme: Jesus Over Everything, in which His opinions matter more than the opinions of others. Once the retreat was over, students went to the St. Joan of Arc Church to celebrate mass. “Retreat helped me grow my relationship with not only God but also my friends,” said by Antoinette Chiarella.

    Sophomore Retreat 

    The sophomore retreat was held at the First Baptist church in Laplace. It was directed by Mr. Ron Courtade and Jeff Montz. There were many activities such as ice breakers, skits, and meditation time. At one point during the retreat, the entire sophomore class prayed over our new principal Dr. Millet for her new job and a great school year. "The students were in such a great place during retreat, and the spirit was very moving," said Mr. Ron Courtade. After the retreat, the sophomores returned to SCC to celebrate mass with the 8th and 9th grade students. "Retreat day was a great day to reconnect with God and my friends," said by Madison Hebert. 

    Eighth Grade and Freshman Retreat

    The eighth grade and freshman retreat was held together at St. Charles Catholic inside the Commons. The retreat team greeted the new and incoming students as soon as they walked through the door. They were immediately brought into their small groups where small talk questions were held about the theme “Jesus Over Everything.” Both grades along with the retreat team played ice breaker games to help break the tension and make the students more comfortable with each other. Some great talks are given out by a few retreat team members relating their own lives to the theme. The rest of the day played out with the eighth graders meeting their big brother or sister and having pizza with them. The day ended with mass and departure from school. “Retreat was a great experience for me because it gave me a new perspective for this up coming school year," said Sarah Beth Sirmon.