Service Hours Program

  • St. Charles Catholic 2020-2021 Service Awards
    All SCC students are required to serve a minimum of 15 hours of service in order to pass their Religion class. However; many SCC students go above and beyond the minimum requirements. The goal of this program at St. Charles Catholic High School is to enable each student to serve others and fulfill the commandment of Jesus to love one another as He has loved us.

    Congratulations to the following SCC students who received Service Awards for this school year by going above and beyond the minimum requirement:

    BRONZE Award (3,000 – 5,999 points)

    8th Grade

    Rahnya Bridges; Kaylee Brown; Conner Carter; Sophie Champagne; Caylee Drexel; Hannah Emery; Tanner Lasseigne; Carter Ory; Isabella Portillo, Michael Romaguera; Bryleigh Sutherland; Ashlyn Tassin; and Melvin Taylor

     9th Grade

    Nathan Englade; Kais Lewis; and Aiden Ocmond

    10th Grade

    Mya Brown; Alexis Monistere; Amelia Mouton; Adrianis Quinones-Velez; Alexis Teabout; and Shae Waguespack

    11th Grade

    Caden Barrios; Hailey Boeckl; Dillon Brown; Jake Jeandron; Braiden Landry; Eric Magee; Brittany Marshall; Hunter Monistere; Juliana Portillo; Kali Ramirez; Christian Riviere; Ethan Seymour; Karen Trichell; Zack Vicknair; Mya Voiron; and Tiffany Williams

    12th Grade

    Dwight Berlin; Courtney Brouwer; Zachary Brown; Logan Forsythe; Emily Giammolva; Blakely Heltz; Alyssa Hooge; Miranda Hotard; Jackson Jensen; Dominic Joseph; Duncan Lowry; Braedon Montz; Jacob Raiford; Lauren St. Martin; Tristen Tassin-Flugence; Jacob Todd; and Riley Weber

    SILVER Award (6,000 – 9,999 points)

    8th Grade

    Robert Gregoire III

    10th Grade

    Mia Oncale

    11th Grade

    Lauren Oncale; Emma Schumert; and Avery Williams

    12th Grade

    Luke Boucvalt; Enrique Dantin; Troy Johnson; Gabriella Portillo; and Sara St. Pierre

    GOLD Award (10,000 or More points)

    8th Grade

    Arial Boudreaux

    9th Grade

    Andrew Bosco; Joseph McClinton; Elizabeth Scheuermann; Christopher Zenicki

    10th Grade

    Samantha DeFrancesch; Hayley Falgout; and Erin Powell

    11th Grade

    Tank Nelson; Allie Powell; and Maggie Powell

    12th Grade

    Jeremiah Emery; Logan Falgout; and Calvin Trinh

    The Pope Francis Awards are given to those graduating seniors who have an average of at least 100 hours per year between 9th and 12th grade. This award will be given to four seniors in the class of 2021.

    Logan Falgout, 403 hours

    Jeremiah Emery, 408 hours

    Gabriella Portillo, 481 hours

    Dominic Joseph, 485 hours

    All together during their time at SCC, the class of 2021 has completed 11,100 service hours as a class. Congratulations Comets!