Retreat Team

  • The Retreat Team is SCC's senior peer ministry group, and this team works together throughout the year to put on our Retreat Day, SCC's first day of the year, and retreat days for feeder schools throughout the region.  We're so grateful for their dedication!

    The theme for this school year is "Don't Turn Back," and it's message reminds us that we have chosen Christ, and that we should use that relationship with Him to propel us forward. 

    Retreat Team 2022

    "Every year the retreat team brings so much energy and excitement to our program. Each group throughout the years has brought something different to the retreat team and left their mark on our school and community.  I'm so incredibly proud of the attention to detail and patience this year's retreat team has put towards ministering to our Comets! I'm praying that they are able to experience more of the traditional events that retreat team members have had in the past." -Retreat Coordinator, Mrs.Poche.