Retreat Team

  • The Retreat Team's theme for this school year is "Jesus Over Everything", with the following Bible verse: "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together" -Colossians 1:17. Not only does the retreat team help with retreats at St. Charles Catholic, but they also go out into the River Parishes to our parochial feeder schools andretreat  perform retreats for their middle school students. Our team truly enjoys working with the younger students in our area and helping them grow closer to Christ.

    "I remember SCC's retreat team visiting my school when I was a middle school student at St. Charles Borromeo. I LOVED the energy the seniors had and how much they enjoyed being on the team. Now that I work with retreat team, I see how much work goes into making a retreat organized, engaging, and all for the glory of God. I'm very proud of my team this year and can't wait to start working with our feeder schools." -Retreat Coordinator, Mrs.Poche.