• Catholicity

    Education in the living and learning of the Roman Catholic religion is considered the most important aspect of life at St. Charles Catholic High School. The Religion Department's course offerings are structured to cover basic elements of the Roman Catholic faith as rooted in the study of Sacred Scripture. It is expanded through the life and teaching of the Church. It is expressed in the witness of those lifestyles rooted in the Catholic faith experience.

    As young Christian adults, students are encouraged to exhibit Christian behavior at all times.  They are encouraged to build genuine Christian friendships with one another. They are helped to understand the value and strength which come from common goals. They are led to appreciate the bond which is formed in and through Christian prayer and liturgy. The expression fostered in the classroom is directed toward a deeper experience of community which is found in the various religious services and retreat programs that are offered throughout the year.

    The religion program constantly holds before the student's view the call of Christ to be of service to others.  Through the "Service Project," the student is exposed to the kinds of services that are practical and possible for young men and women to aid in their religious and Faith development. 


    1. Creed
    2. Sacraments
    3. Old Testament
    4. New Testament
    5. Church History
    6. Catholic Morality
    7. Christian Lifestyles
    8. Christian Justice


    1. SCC Community Mass with Entire Student Body
    2. Sacrament of Reconciliation Each Semester
    3. The Living Rosary
    4. Living Way of the Cross
    5. Intimate Mass Opportunities with religion classes, teams, clubs, etc.
    6. Retreat Day - First Day of School
    7. Overnight Retreat for Seniors
    8. Rosary said throughout the school during National Rosary Congress

    Tracts of Life 

    Service Projects: Tutoring, Hospitals, Summer Camps, Community Projects,  Right-to-Life, helping the hungry, disaster help, etc.  

    Peer Ministry: 
    1. Leading class retreats
    2. Planning school liturgies
    3. Leading retreats for feeder schools
    4. Organizing service projects   
    5. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
    6. Liturgical choir / Music Ministry