ACT Preparation

  • The ACT standardized test is a college-readiness exam that determines acceptance and scholarship offerings for colleges all over the country.  As a college-prep school, we prioritize success on this exam and seek to offer students the opportunity to grow in their test-taking skills and strategies while also teaching required content in our curriculum. 

    The ACT is offered twice a year on campus with official district testing status.  Tests are normally administered in mid-October and then again in mid-March.  Students have the option of taking a Saturday ACT test at locations around the region as they see fit.  Upperclassmen take the official ACT test on district testing days.  Younger students take the PreACT or the PreACT8/9 on SCC's district testing day. 

    In order to prepare students for this test, SCC provides Mastery Prep accounts for every student which creates an individualized plan of study for each student based on a practice test given at the beginning of the school year.  This data then allows homeroom teachers to discuss plans for improvement with students in their advisory period.  

    ACT Prep classes are offered throughout the year by members of the SCC faculty, and Mastery Prep Boot Camps are offered in virtual and in-person formats a various times of the year.