ACT Prep Classes

  • ACT Prep classes are offered at least 4 or 5 times a year for the following subjects: English, Reading, Science, and Math.  Each session will consist of five weeks of classes with classes lasting approximately an hour and a half.  

    English will be taught on Mondays by Mrs. Peggy Bordelon, Reading will be taught on Tuesdays by Mrs. Melanie Lohfink; and Science and Math will be taught on Wednesdays by Mr. Shawn Madere.  Classes will be held after school beginning at 2:30 and will last between 1-2 hours.  (Please realize that sometimes a teacher may need to change a class date or time.  The student will receive ample notice when this happens).

    Students can sign up for whatever course(s) they feel they need work in.  Each subject area costs $100.00. (Therefore, if a student signs up for two classes, the cost is $200; for all three, the cost is $300.)  This cost includes the cost of the preparation workbooks.  If, after attending all 5 classes, a student does not improve his/her score from previous tests, then he/she may repeat the course for no charge.   We ask that students bring all previous ACT test results with them to their first class so that copies can be made.