Welcome To Ministry

  • St. Charles Catholic High School’s Campus Ministry is the fire in our Catholic identity, an identity that is dependent upon our Sacramental life as a school. Our SCC family stands firmly with Church teaching and is submissive to the head of our Church, Jesus Christ, his vicar, Pope Francis, and our ordinary, Archbishop Gregory Aymond.

    The mission of Campus Ministry is to administer the Sacraments through school wide Masses and Reconciliation services and to offer other faith-filled ministry activities to give students the opportunity to encounter Christ to have a rich faith life and to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the Church.

    Campus Ministry activities include: Retreats, Living Rosary, Living Stations of the Cross, attending World Youth Day, Abbey Youth Fest, March for Life (in Washington, D.C.), celebrating Catholic Schools Week, and participating in SCC’s service hours program. 

    Campus Ministry is led by 4 faculty members, Mrs. Poche, Mrs. Flynn, Mr. Courtade, and Mr. Richard and with the spiritual guidance of our school Chaplain, Fr. Walter Austin.

    Student leadership in Campus Ministry is our Retreat Team, comprised of seniors who have set an example of faith both inside and outside of school.  The Retreat Team also spreads the Catholic fire at SCC to middle school students throughout St. John the Baptist and St. Charles Parishes.  

    Campus Ministry welcomes you to learn more and to explore the liturgies and activities throughout the year, highlighted here on our Campus Ministry pages.