• During the Liturgical Season of Lent, we are called to pray, fast, and give alms. 

    We’re growing in our prayer lives as we read through “I Heard God Laugh” in our Religion classes and starting the Prayer Process. The Comets are also giving alms through the CRS Rice Bowl campaign. Students are also practicing individual and personal fasting through the season. For those students struggling to find something to “give up” or fast from during Lent, Campus Ministry has provided “Daily Challenges” for them to choose from and perform each day randomly.

    Through these preparations, we are better able to understand and prepare for Christ’s crucifixion of Good Friday and his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday.

    Here are some Lenten activities happening at SCC:

    • School-wide Reconciliation on March 1st
    • Living Way of the Cross on April 6th
    • Stations of the Cross periodically throughout the season during Religion class
    • School book study of "I Heard God Laugh"
    • Participation in the CRS Rice Bowls campaign
    • Daily Lenten Challenges

    Here are some resources to enrich your Lenten season:

    I Heard God Laugh:


    Matthew Kelly, Dynamic Catholic


    Catholic Relief Services