Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement

    St. Charles Catholic High School educates our students in a supportive, diverse, Christ-centered environment while inspiring them to excel in faith, academics, extracurricular activities, and service.

    Principles of Our Vision Statement

    St. Charles – Our Patron Saint with a Vision & Heritage

    Catholic - Our Faith, Heritage, & Tradition

    Educates - to Lead Out

    Our Students - A Relationship with Those Who Learn

    Supportive - to Nurture Our Many Gifts

    Diverse - the Many Stories of the members of our school community

    Christ-Centered - the Alpha and Omega of Who We Are

    Environment - The Sacred Space in Which We Live

    Inspiring -Living in the Holy Spirit

    Excel- Reach for the Stars

    Faith -Embracing Church Tradition Commissioned by Jesus

    Academics - Search for Knowledge

    Extracurricular-Learning from Applied Knowledge

    Service - Faith in Action for Those in Need

    Statement of Philosophy

    St. Charles Catholic believes that our primary concern is the Catholic education of our students.  In our service to the young men and women of the River Parishes, we are attempting to provide an atmosphere which stresses Catholic values while challenging students to become self-disciplined, self-motivated, and well-adjusted individuals.
    The SCC curriculum, which is primarily college preparatory, strives to meet emotional, physical, and social needs of our students.  Our academic program attempts to develop thinking skills, reasoning skills, and decision-making skills necessary for our students to grow into mature adults capable of positively contributing principles of a democratic society and respect the rights and dignity of all individuals.
    By establishing an atmosphere where Christian values are practiced, taught, and developed, it is our desire to model a Christian community for our students so that it can be continued throughout life. SCC's goals support our philosophy of developing the whole person.