Degrees and Certifications:

Joneva Beckmann

Joneva Beckmann is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a bachelor of science in secondary education with a major in mathematics and a minor in social studies. She has been in education for 32 years now. She grew up in Arkansas on a farm and met her husband of 36 years, Keith, at the U of A. She taught at a public high school in Arkansas for 8 years before moving to Bossier City, Louisiana where she taught at a public high school for 3 years until she decided to stay home with her son, Keith, who was born in Shreveport (he is now a freshmen at LSU). She tutored 18 students a week while staying home for 5 years. She then taught middle school in Shreveport at St. John Berchman's Cathedral School in Shreveport for 1 year before moving due to her husband transferring to St. Louis, Missouri. She taught at St. Cletus Catholic Middle School in St. Charles, Missouri for 9 years, which happens to be the Comets and are blue and gold. Mrs. Beckmann also taught Marie Cupit Stahlschmidt's sister-in-law, Anna. It's such a small world as Mr. Cupit says. After that, she taught at St. Dominic Catholic High School for 3 years before coming to SCC, in 2018. She has taught all the subjects in math as well as life science, religion, drama, social studies, and art. She is teaching DE/Honors Advanced Math, Advanced Math Academic, and Algebra II Academic. She is super excited to be here and feels that God has placed her here. She believes God gave her many signs. It can't be a coincidence that she taught in St. Charles at a school with the colors blue and gold with the same mascot of Comets and also taught at St. Dominic, which is in the street address for SCC, can it??? God works in mysterious ways. Mrs. Beckmann believes all students can learn if given the chance and if effort is given. She feels blessed to be given the opportunity to help students explore and learn math in many different ways as well as to help all reach our ultimate goals of going to heaven.