The New Chapel

  • St. Charles Catholic High School’s newest construction is new the 126-seat chapel at heart of the
    campus, a building designed for the Christian formation of the River Parishes’ young people
    centered around the Blessed Sacrament. The chapel holds a significant place in the hearts of
    students and teachers alike because of the events held in the chapel and the special bonds shared
    by the community members who worship together in the space. Located in a shaded courtyard
    behind the school building, the chapel offers a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the
    hallways and classrooms. Throughout the school year, religion classes gather for prayer, Rosary,
    and the Stations of the Cross. Eucharistic prayer and adoration take place during the school year,
    and each Thursday, SCC’s Campus Ministry hosts a lunchtime prayer meeting. At SCC, young
    people deepen their intellect and harness wisdom through a challenging and supportive,
    biblically based community that gathers in this new and delightful chapel.

    Architect and alumnus Michael J. Roussel designed and the chapel and oversaw the construction.
    Mr. Roussel is a 1985 graduate of St. Charles Catholic High School and a 1988 graduate of LSU
    with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He is a partner with the Verges-Rome Architect design
    firm in New Orleans. When asked about his work and return to his alma mater, Mr. Roussel
    stated, “When I was a student at St. Charles Catholic High School, the Chapel was in a
    classroom adjacent to the school’s main entrance and office at the one of the busiest parts of the
    building. The opportunity to create a new space for spiritual reflection and celebration of our
    faith at my alma mater was an honor. It is rewarding to hear from the school community that our
    design has achieved the intended goals.”

    The design is perfect for the students and teachers of the school. Little details of the design add
    to the delight of the space. The crucifix above the altar is highlighted by natural light pouring
    through the highly placed windows. The cement floors have leaf impressions left from the trees
    in the courtyard. Along the walls of the new chapel are the intriguing Stations of the Cross
    which were designed and created by Jim Schexnayder, past parent and grandparent to SCC
    students. These touches are part of what make the chapel feel like home for the Comets.

    Courtney Millet, Principal of St. Charles Catholic High School, said the new chapel in and of
    itself is a beautiful addition to the campus-- "This structure is the foundation of what we are
    about, spiritually," said Millet, also a St. Charles Catholic graduate, "We are a Catholic school,
    so the chapel is the heart of our school. During the day, the doors of the new chapel are open so
    that it acts as a sanctuary for all who enter and a place where all our hopes and fears, our joys
    and sadness, may be known and answered by the God who loves us.”

    The school community is eternally grateful to the tremendous communal and alumni support in
    ensuring that over 300 Chapel furnishings have been pledged and paid for because of the deep
    faith of those in the River Parishes. There are still giving opportunities both large and small, and
    SCC is appreciative of any type of gift that will allow future generations to enjoy the Chapel.

    The solid oak and caned chairs provide reverence and a glimpse of the past while still looking
    forward to the revelation of God. There are chair memorials still available for $250 per chair.
    Please contact the Director of Human Resources and Development, Connie Powell if you are
    interested in a chair memorial or have any further questions. We are so grateful for the support and prayers of our community.