Senior Overnight Retreat

  • Although the "overnight retreat" was different this year, the Class of 2021 spent a day at SCC and at Camp Abbey in Covington for their annual retreat. The students participated in several activities that allowed them to bond as a class.

    Mrs. Flynn, who helped lead the retreat, said "This year's theme was sent which was based on the gospel of Matthew where the apostles were sent out by Jesus to baptize all the nations and proclaim his teachings. We thought it was appropriate for this retreat since the seniors will be leaving high school soon and continuing on that mission to spreading God's news. We had fun with this theme by having letters and delivery service types of activities which also goes along the tradition with receiving letters from family and friends at the retreat".

    Senior Luke Boucvalt, who attended the retreat, said "My favorite part about the retreat was reading all of the letters from my friends and family, and seeing how much they cared about me. It's nice to know that leaving for college wont be so hard because I have so many friends who care about me."

    Senior Jeremiah Emery said "I really enjoyed hearing the speakers because the words they said spoke to me. I felt a closer connection to God than I ever have before. It's been such a fun year and I will rememebr it forever."

    The seniors were sad to leave, but fulfilled with joy and grace after attending Camp Abbey last week. This class is closer than ever after seeing their junior year be cut so short. While the year has been different and challenging, our seniors strived through the school year maintaining a balanced faith with a year full of fun. It will be sad to see them walk across the stage this May. Thank you for being so awesome Class of 2021!