Senior Overnight Retreat

  • The Class of 2018 spent a couple of days at Camp Living Waters in Loranger for the annual Senior Overnight Retreat. The students participated in several activities such as a prayer partner easter egg hunt and a bonfire that allowed them to bond as a class.

    A major part of this retreat is when the students receive and open letters from fellow classmates, friends, and family.  “After reading my senior letters, I was surprised at how many lives I’ve touched. Overall, senior retreat was a great experience where I was given the opportunity to bond with my class before we part from one another,” said senior Nicol Bourgeois. 

    SCC swim coach Mr. Greg Loisel and Southeastern Campus Minister Rita West gave testimonies about being “accepted” or “chosen.” Senior Abby Bryant says, ‘“Listening to their stories truly helped me to understand the meaning behind our overall theme of acceptance.” 

    We also had Father Travis Clark and Father Gregory Usselmann LC come to hear confession and adoration. Father Walter Austin celebrated Mass on Friday morning. "This was probably the smoothest Senior Overnight Retreat we have had in a while. The seniors were AWESOME and fully participated in everything we threw at them. We were really blessed to have great speakers like Rita West, Michael Vu, and Greg Loisel to talk with our students. My favorite part of retreat was the unplanned karaoke and dance sessions prompted by Corey Pittman and Mr. Courtade,” said Mrs. Poche when asked about her experience at retreat.