2020 Senior Retreat

  • Our annual Senior Day of Recollection for the Class of 2021 was held at the St. Joan of Arc KC Hall on November 10th, 2020. Many of the students were moved by a special talk from Coach Wayne and Dr. Andy St. Martin. This is one of the few times the seniors come together as a class besides graduation. The students enjoyed loosening up with some icebreakers and group activities. One of the activities was giving away pieces of a paper heart to the students' best friends and those they wish they got to know better. This activity was very powerful because the love they felt from their peers was unforgettable. 

    When asked about this retreat, Connor Dejean stated, "Even though this year was a rollercoaster, I was so filled with joy to see everyone in my class have the opportunity to remember the special moments of high school. All the activities led me to think about my future and to take the necessary steps to become a successful young man. I thank God for this day of recollection and how far He brought me in that time and how my life has changed."

    The seniors were blessed to have such a wonderful afternoon with their teachers, classmates, and speakers. Miranda Hotard said, "It was a great day where we had the opportunity to really reflect on ourselves and all the moments that made our high school experiences special. I am so thankful for every single motivational speech that was given and how it led me to put my life into perspective and to begin to think about my future. It was absolutely incredible to see us grow closer as a class and made many more memories."

    Towards the end of the day, the students had a mass led by Father David Ducote. During the mass, the students were able to listen to Fr. David’s advice on becoming the new leaders of the school. One of our faculty members Mrs. Poche said, "Just like everything else in 2020, the senior day of recollection was very different this year; However, the spirit of togetherness and comet pride still shined brightly with the senior class of 2021. I believe the seniors truly needed this day—to just get away from the chaos of the senior year and enjoy each other’s company. And I know they enjoyed it! The seniors were incredible from the beginning of the retreat until the very end. They truly are a special group of seniors.”