Senior Retreat

  • Our annual Senior Day of Recollection for the Class of 2019 was held at St. Charles Borromeo in Destrehan on Wednesday, October 17. This is one of the few times the seniors come together as a class besides graduation. The day started off with mass celebrated by Father Dominic "Mixie" Arcuri. After, the students enjoyed loosening up with some icebreakers and group activities. One of the activities was giving away pieces of a paper heart to the students' best friends and those they wish they got to know better. This activity was very powerful because the love they felt from their peers was unforgettable. When asked about this activity, Sara Guidry stated, "Getting to connect with members of my class that I haven't had a chance to form a bond with was the best part of the retreat."

    The seniors were blessed to have two alumni Comets Lisa Gautreaux Benoit and Dr. Andy St. Martin visit the retreat and give talks to the students. Grant Vicknair said, "I really enjoyed Dr. Andy's powerful message about how our senior year will only happen once and that we should enjoy it while we can."

    Towards the end of the day, Mrs. Flynn and Mrs. Poche led the seniors in a prayer service at the cemetery of St. Charles Borromeo. In the cemetery the students were able to visit the resting places of Comet alumni and passed friends and family. One of our faculty members Mrs. Poche said, "This year's Senior Day of Recollection was one of the best we've had since my time at SCC. Between this senior class, our speakers, and the atmosphere of being back at SCB, the day went smoothly; and the students had a great time. I cannot wait for this group's senior overnight retreat in the spring!"