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  • Patsy J. Metcalf Memorial Library

    The Patsy J. Metcalf memorial library, dedicated on March 8, 2007, operates according to Mrs. Patsy J. Metcalf’s favorite saying, "Live well, Laugh often, Love much".  It is dedicated to helping our students succeed in every possible way.

    Our library offers more than 7,000 books including encyclopedias, magazines, almanacs, atlases, novels, textbooks and computers for research.  To help students in the the best possible way the library also offers a high speed printer, and a photo copy machine.  There are 20 PC computers available for students to use before school.  Use during school is only allowed with teacher permission.  The library is open for students to study while achieving max comfort.


    The library is open before school and about 15-30 minutes after school everyday.  The library is also open at lunch. 


    Regular books can be taken out for two weeks.  A book can be renewed for an additional four weeks.

    Reference books can not be taken out regularly.  If you need to the library will allow you to take it over night.

    If a book is out then you can reserve it for when it comes back to the library.

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