2021 Alumni Cookoff

  • This year's Homecoming game was an outstanding display of Comet Pride with our Alumni Cook Off, Homecoming Court, and 2011 Football Champion Reunion. What a great night to be a Comet!
    Our Alumni Cook Off was full of delicious dishes. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this event and helped to make Homecoming so memorable.
    The winner of both the People's Choice Award and Judge's Choice was the Showstopper Eggrolls, prepared by Henri Dufresne, Chris Cancienne, Brandon Levet, and Derrick Gaubert; sponsored by Dufresne Law Firm & Cypress Physical Therapy.
    Thank you to all our amazing teams:
    • Red Bean Gumbo: Brock Anderson and Ken Leblanc; sponsored by Retirement Planning Partners, Brock Anderson, & ML Dental
    • Fried Pork Pistolettes: Paul, Michelle, Jordan, and Jackson Jensen
    • Jambalaya Tacos: Angie Martin & Stacy Heltz; sponsored by Bubbie Anderson
    • Westbank Wood-fired Smoked Chicken Wrap: DJ Chauvin, Jason Fabre, Justin Chauvin; sponsored by Swamp Oaks
    • Cajun Crawfish Rice: Pocho Roussel, Casey Roussel, Sarah Roussel Anslum, & Dominic Annaloro
    • Jamabalaya: Sponsored by Englade Boudreaux Insurance
    • Pastalaya: Terri Toler, Alisha Reine, Mike Reine; sponsored by Frostop
    • Fried Fish & Sauce Picante: Kelly Arnett, Ryan St. Pierre, & Mikey Borne