• Every summer FCA members attend a summer camp. In the past 12 years, FCA members have been attending the coed leadership camp at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi. This camp stresses the importance of keeping the faith strong during athletics. A regular day at camp consists of morning worship time, outdoor athletic activities, huddle time,  leadership classroom training sessions with a focus on lead me and lead others. Every night, the whole camp particpates in an assembly that inclues worship, skits, testimonies and an inpiring message by the main speaker.

    Every year the camp has a theme; this years theme was "strong". The word "Strong", comes from the bible verse "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful." (2 Timothy 4:7). This past summer, 23 student athletes from SCC attended the camp at Belhaven University. The seniors that went to camp this year were Sutton Bourgeois, Cameron Fabre, Bryce Authement, Maddie Sympson, Brooke Laborde, Katelyn Waguespack, Sara Guidry, Caleb St. Martin, Anderson Sirmon, and Eden Simoneaux.The juniors were Evan Roussel, Justin Dumas, Kelly Campbell, Mallory Fernandez, Noah Hymel, Madi Wilkie, Caroline Roberts, Valerie Perilloux, Estelle Heinold, Sydney Pfister, Katelynn Decker, Taelen Jacomine, and Kamryn Kimber. The chaperones of the trip were Sara Louque (class of '16), Coach Terro Roussel, and Coach Gary Zeringue. 

    Here are some quotes from some of the campers:

    "Camp helped me learn how to keep my relationship with the Lord throughout my life." said Sara Guidry.

    "Camp brought back the fire in my heart that i once had for the Lord that was dying off." said Sutton Bourgeois.

    "Camp helped me plug into my faith life and start the summer off right. I found myself getting to know God and my friends better." said Anderson Sirmon.

    "FCA camp was a life-changing experience that impacted my life tremendously. Being with people who are all at camp with one goal in mind to get closer to God enabled us to experience His love, forgiveness, and mercy while growing closer to others. Because of camp, I developed a strong relationship with God that has continued to grow even since." said Estelle Heinold

    "Before going to FCA camp, i was lost. Experiencing those 3 days at camp helped me understand what i need to do in my life... grow in the love of Christ and spread his word." said Sydney Pfister.