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  • 2020-2021 

    Boys Soccer Weekly Roundup (2/2)


    The Comets finished the season this week with a 5-0 victory over East St. John and a 0-4 loss against Lutcher. The Comets finished off the season 4-10-2. 

    "Even though the season didn't end how we wanted we still made some tremendous strides and had an amazing year." Caden Barrios

    Boys Soccer Weekly Roundup (1/25)

    The Comets blow past Covenant Christian with a 1-0 victory and crush the Riverside Rebels with a 6-1 victory. The boys are now unto a 2 game win-streak and look to improve as each week goes on.

    “These two victories have boosted  all of our confidence levels and we are striving to keep winning.” Carter Chauvin

    Boys soccer weekly roundup 1/25

    Boys Soccer Weekly Roundup (1/19)

    The Comets sufferd a tough loss to Shaw on January 19. The match was a very tough and hard fought battle all the way to the end.

    "Even though we lost we still thik we are improving more and more as we continue to play." Bryce Bertucci 

    Boys soccer weekly round up 1/19

    Boys Soccer Weekly Roundup (1/14)


    After a tough loss over the weekend the Comets played thier first district match. The hard fought game ended in a loss for the Comets.

    "These two losses are a hard pill for us to swallow but we will come back stronger than ever." Hunter Marse

    Boys Soccer Weekly Roundup (1/4)

    After falling short to NOMMA last week the Comets rallied against Patrick Taylor to get the first victory of the season. The comets roster was boosted by the return of football players. The Comets played Morris Jeff and came out with a tie. The boys ended the week at West Feliciana where they fell 2-1 and JV tied 1-1. 

    “This loss is a little bump in the road for us to get to where we need to be for the rest of the season.” Caden Barrios

     Comets fall short 1/4

    2020-2021 Season Preview

    The Comets are ready for an exciting season. This year they have 7 seniors including: Riley Weber, Hunter Marse, Shane Jacob, Dwight Berlin, Enrique Dantin, Tristen Tassin-Flugence and Timmy Capdeboscq. The Comets have very high hopes for this season. They look to improve from last season and start off their season victorious. “This year we look to have fun but we also want to be victorious. We want to start a tradition of being a well known team.” Junior Caden Barrios

    "This year we are hopeful to have a great season and we are ready to create better relationships with each other." Junior Carter Chauvin



    Season Summary

    The Comet season came to a close last week. After a hard-fought game with Brusly, Dylan Frickey, Brandon McDonald, Gregory Bergeron, Nicholas Lemoine, and Kevin Dauenhauer stepped off the field for the last time. The season had some big wins and some devastating losses but the team never quit. It was a long road that didn’t lead exactly where the team wanted it to go but every player on and off the field fought hard for the Comets.

    “I’ve been here since 8th grade and I have seen this team do great things over the years but I’ve never been more proud of a group of guys then I was last night.” says senior goalkeeper Kevin Dauenhauer. “The season didn’t end how we wanted, but it was just a great experience. I am so thankful to play at SCC for 5 years and for all the fun games and practices,” states veteran midfielder Nicholas Lemoine. “When I look back at this team, I’m proud of what we have done. I just wish I had more time” states senior forward Gregory Bergeron. Senior forward Brandon McDonald said his soccer experience can be summed up by his favorite quote by General George S. Patton, “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” While the season may be over and the seniors are leaving, there is plenty of young blood ready to take this team farther than they ever have before. We wish our seniors luck as they pursue college life and other endeavors, and we wish the team luck as they move on without them. It’s been an honor playing with you boys. Good luck.

    Boys Team


     The Comets really put their foot down in this rivalry game. With a final score of 7-0 the Comets pulled off a decisive win. While the first half was played sloppily, the team came together and executed their strategy perfectly. With a strong hold on the midfield and dynamic attacks on the opposing keeper, the Comets kept a high pressure attack at all times. Only allowing a total of 3 shots on goal, a shutout was made easy. Both Gregory Bergeron and Nick Lemione had hat tricks. Halfway through the district season, the Comets have a strong chance of winning district and solidifying their spot in the playoffs

    .Nicholas L.

    Ascension Christian

     Extra extra, read all about it! Comets win in a 3-0 shut out against Ascension Christian! Thats right folks, the Comets pulled off an upset win against the number one team in the district on their home field. The Comets pulled together and played very well. They were able to connect passes in the mid field, win 1 on 1 tackles, and capitalize on opportunities in the box. This is a very promising sign to the rest of the Comet season and playoff chances for the team. This is a huge win for the Comets. With a game against the Rebel, it is sure to be a great rivalry game.

    Kevin D.

    Covenant Christian

     The Comets showed a dominate first half against a quality opponent Thursday night. Able to connect passes, switch the ball, and drive around defenders, the Comets executed their game plan perfectly and controlled the midfield. Up at half time the Comets felt good coming back onto the field. Despite their efforts, Covenant was able to fight back and close the gap. With a narrow loss, the Comets put themselves in a tight spot but still have playoff hopes and a chance to win district.

     Brandon M.

    Houma Christian

     The Comets played and amazing game Tuesday night. Playing the first district game of the season the Comets came out to win going up on Houma Christian early. They were able to control the midfield and pass the ball well around defenders. The Comets gave up very few shots and only two resulted in goals. “There are a few things we can work on tactically but overall this was one of the best games I’ve seen us play in years,” states senior Kevin Dauenhauer. With a final score of 2-2, the team was able to tie one of the best teams in their district and control their playoff fate.Hunter M.

    Holiday Write-up


    The Comets had a difficult holiday. Having to play in one of the hardest tournaments of the year, the Comets struggled against the stiff competition. While only allowing less the 15 shots per game, the Comet offense struggled to connect in enemy territory. Even though the games were spent mostly in Comet territory, they did incredibly well keeping shots off of the goal. Now that the most difficult games are behind the Comets, they can prepare for the meat of the season with district games starting soon.

    Mark L.

    Weekly Roundup 12/7/19

    The Comets had a tough week. While missing players due to football, the Comets’ shallow bench played 5 games last week with most players playing the majority of the game. Despite the obvious signs of fatigue, the Comets fought hard each and every game. The team was pitted against 4 playoff qualifiers and 3 of which are in the top 10. They competed against Lusher, NOMMA, Episcopal, Central Private, and East Saint John. After playing the 3 toughest teams on their schedule, the Comets fought back and played well against Central Private, while only being scored on in the closing minutes of the game along with defeating East Saint John, only allowing 9 total shots on goal all game. The Comets have showed major improvement over the week and will only continue to grow as the year progresses. Even as they lost the week, the team has proved that they can come together against difficult teams and successfully play against  anyone on their schedule. It is safe to say this will not be the last time the Comets will have a win this year and once they reach their full potential, even the toughest teams will soon be fearing to see St. Charles on their schedules.

    Gregory B on a Breakaway

    2018-2019 Season 

    Post Season Awards 

    Congrats to Robert Newsome, Bryce Newman, Brennen Mader, Jude Guidry, Cameron Fabre on making the All-Academic Team. 

    Comets Win Rivalry 

    The Comets defeated the Riverside Rebels 7-0 last night. The boys hope to win out tonight at their last game of the season. 

    After a slow start, Sutton Bourgeois scored on a penalty kick. Just before half time Nick Lemoine and Sutton both scored a goal making it 3-0. 

    In the second half the Comets dominated and held possession most of the time creating many opportunities for the offense to score. Cameron Fabre scored two goals back to back creating a bunch of excitement in the stands. Soon after Riley Weber Scored his first goal of the season. Nick Lemoine scored his second goal from a beautiful assist sent from Cameron Fabre. 

    The Comets showed much class by slowing the game down late in the second half. 

    The boys will play tonight, Tuesday the 29th at Burbank park against Runnels at 5:00. The Boys will not make the playoffs for the second year in a row, thus tonight being the end of the 2018-2019 boys soccer season. 

    New Year New Comets?

    After a gameless Christmas break, the Comet boys had much time to better themselves as a team. the Comets went 2-0-1 in their last 3 games, looking much better than the early season team. 

    The Comets came out to Tuesday night at home vs. Shaw. The boys flew high to a 4-0 win!nick

    The Comets finally looking healthy again, getting 3 out of 4 hurt players back active, held possesion majority of the first half. After many Comet scoring attempts the first 30 minutes remained scoreless. 

    About 8 minutes before halftime senior, Sutton Bourgeios struck one in the back of the net. 

    Coming out of halftime the squad had worked out the kinks, and were ready to play. Comets strengthen the lead to 2-0 after a second goal by Bourgeios. shortly after Senior, Cameron Fabre finally capitalizes making the score 3-0 comets. Just before the final whistle another comet goal was scored resulting in th2 4-0 victory.

    Later that week, on Friday night, the Comets visited Lutcher High school. The men tied after a long battle 1-1. An early comet goal by Sutton Bourgeios, and a great save Bobby Newsome helped hold the boys to a 1-1 tie. 

    The next morning the team suited up for rivals Riverside Academy. The Comets won 6-3. Goals came from an abundance of players. Greg Bergeron with 2 goals, Cameron Fabre with 1, Nick Lemoine with 3.

    The boys will play again Tuesday, January 15 at 7:00 against E.D. White at Comet stadium. 

    Comets Win!

    The St. Charles Catholic Comets boys soccer team took on East St. John wildcats at Wildcat Stadium Saturday night. Even with the cold windy rain, the comets pulled off their first win of the season. The Comets out scored the wildcats 2-0, with goals by Nick Lemoine and Sutton Bourgeois. 

    The Comets suffering from injuries, are still trying to find their chemistry to get a flow on the feild. The Comets have three games this upcoming week and hope to use the full-speed gameplay to their advantage. 

    Senior, Cameron Fabre says, "The more time on the feild we spend together, the better we will become. With a bunch of starters being out, we need some younger guys to step up, and i think the ones we are asking to do so, are worthy of the job."

    The Comets will Take on Lusher Charter tonight December 10, at 7:00 in Comet Country.  

    Slow Start to the Comet Season

    The Comets opened up their season at the Acesion Christian Lion Cup Tournament. The boys unfortunatly fall in all three of their matches. Playing one 
    game on Friday night and two on Saturday. The Comets showed tremondous improvment throughout the weekend, sparking poteintial for the long season ahead.

    The boys most recently played Tuesday, December 4th for their first home game of the season. Taking on number 1 ranked Parkview Baptist, the team faught hard til the end, falling 4-3. Forward, Nick Lemoine, scored all three of the Comets goals. 

    The Comets take on the East St. John Wildcats at Wildcat Stadium on Saturday night at 6:00pm. The Comets hope to continue showing imporvment and hope to see fans supporting. The boys will play at home again Monday, December 10th after the girls game at 7:00.


    Boys Take Down the Rebels

    The Comets took on their school rivals the Riverside Rebels at Thomas J. Dupuy Stadium on Wednesday night. The boys were looking at this game as a must win as they are in danger of missing the playoffs. 

    The game began with a large amont of fight and possession from the Comets. The boys had a gameplan to get at their rivals by having a constant pressure of attack. Although the Comets struggled to put the ball in the net, the first goal of the night came off a free kick from Sophmore Nicholas Lemoine to Senior Luke Perret to take the first lead of the game. The Comets kept the pressure up , but continued to struggle finishing ending the half at a score of 1-0. 

    The beginning of the second half the Comets let up a allowed an early goal to the Rebls. The Comets kept up their pressure but continured to stuggle putting the ball in the net. In the middle of the second half, Nicholas Lemoine was foulded in the box which allowed for a a penalty kcik in the box. He scores a hard shot into the corner of the goal to put the Comets up 2-1. After this goal the Comets kept possession and allowed little pressure from the Riverside counter-attacks. The reffere blew the final whistle which gave the Comets their third win of the season. 

    The Comets are away for the final four gmes of the season aginst Morgan City, Holy Cross, Archbishop Shaw, and Runnels. Wish us luck on our road to the playoffs!

    Holiday Roundup

    The Comets played an extremely hard schedule over the holidays, facing ED White, Vanderbilt, De La Salle, and Rummel.  

    The Comets faced ED White at Thomas Dupuy Stadium and lost 5-0.perret

    The Comets played an excellent game against the #1 Class III team in the state. Vanderbilt won by a score of 3-1. Credit Gavin Babesh and the Comet defense with numerous saves. Also, Luke Perret assist to Nick Lemoine gave the Comets their only score of the game.

    The Comets tied De La Salle 1-1 in a hard fought game.

    The Comets lost to Rummel by a score of 3-0.

    Comets next game is Friday night at home, January 12 against Lutcher at 6:00 pm.

    Good Start to the Season

    The Comets played their school rivals Riverside this past weekend at Mickey Roussel Stadium. The boys started the game with few linked passes and bad touches. This kind of play resulted quickly with Riversides first goal, thus resulting in an angry Comet Coach. The Comets failed to fix their mistakes within the next couple minutes when Riverside extended their lead to 2-0. Although the Comets were saddened by the quick two goals, they rallied at the end of the half with a score from Brandon McDonald. 

    At the start of the next half the Comets regained their composure and came at Riverside with full force. The Comets offense lead by a young attack took advantage of the quick start and scored within the opening minutes with a cross from Sutton Bourgeois to Cameron Fabre . With the momentum they now had, the Comets fought and had a hard time finding the net. At the very end of the game a spark of brilliance by Nicholas Lemoine put the Comets up 3-2 to finish the game.

    The Comets started their season off against Morgan City last week at Thomas J. Dupuy Memorial Stadium. The season started rough with the boys conceding within the first opening minutes of the game. With butterflies leaving, their opening game jitters began to fade and they found their composure and scored at the end of the first half by a header from defender Jared Babesh.

    The Comets come on the field in the second half with a new game plan devised by master tactician Coach Sean LeBlanc. he says "We have to go at them. We have to fight for every opportunity." With a new formation, the Comets score off a 50 yard boot by Jared Babesh to take the lead. As the game carries on, the Comets begin to experiment in their attack and Nicolas Lemoine finishes a beautiful combination play to extend the lead and end the game at a score of 3-1. 

    The Comets traveled to Houma last Friday night to face #1 seed Vanderbilt in a night under the lights. The Comets game plan was to hold off the Terriers and come out with an upset. Sadly the Comets planned had failed because of a lack of offensive possession. The boys came off with a tough loss of 6-0. Although the game was slightly one-sided, Comets coach Sean LeBlanc told the boys "I'm honestly surprised at the result. I was anticipating something else than the good fight you guys put up, but now you know what level of play we have to be at." 

    The Comets game filled week is followed by their third district game Thursday at Lutcher 7:30.

    2016-2017 Season

    1st Team all-district 

    Matthew Templet - SR- GK -SCC 

    Andrew Rodrigue - SR- M - SCC

    Jeffrey Cupit - SR- M - SCC

    Evan Simoneaux - SR - D - SCC 

    Brandon Lemoine - SR - SCC 

    2nd Team all - district 

    Luke Perret - JR- M -SCC

    Nicholas Lemoine - SO- M- SCC

    Jude Guidry- SO- F - SCC 

    Brennan Mader- SO- M- SCC

    3rd Team all- district 

    Sutton Bourgeois - So- D -SCC

    Jared Babesh - Jr - D-SCC

    Overall MVP - Matthew Templet - SR - SCC

    Offensive MVP - Andrew Rodrigue - SR - SCC

    Defensive MVP - Evan Simoneaux - SR - SCC 

    Goalie MVP - Matthew Templet - SR - SCC

    Coach of the Year - Sean LeBlanc - SCC 

    The Comets took a tough loss to familiar opponent Westminster Christian falling to a final score 6-0. The Comets have been knocked out in the playoffs for the second year in a row in the second round. This was a young comet team that will be back in the same spot next year. the expectations were high for this years team,they fell short. It is up to the future comets to continue and grow the legacy of the SCC Boys Soccer program.

    Saturday Morning the Comets took on Ascension Christian in a hard fought back and fourth game finishing with a final score of 3-2. the goals of the game were scored by Brandon Lemoine and Andrew Rodrigue. The Comets move on to play state powerhouse Westminster Christian in Opelousas. They are a familiar opponent the comets played them in a regular season game last season falling short 3-1.

    Senior Jeffrey Cupit on the Comet Performance, "We did not play our best. We had many players sick, but we came together as a team to find a way to win the game. I know the whole team can not wait to get our revenge on Westminster.

    The Comets will begin the state playoffs hosting Ascension Christian Saturday, February 4, at 12 PM. The Comets are the # 12 seed and Ascension Christian is the #21 seed.

    The Comets won the last regular season game 3-1 over Runnels Tuesday night in Baton Rouge. Goals were scored by Jeffery Cupit, Andrew Rodrigue, and Sutton Bourgeois. 

    The Comets had a rough start at the beginning of the season but when district started the Comets found the right combination to go undefeated in district and finish the season 11-8-1. The Comets finished the regular season as district champs and are looking forward to the state playoffs.

    The Comets celebrated Senior Night on January 23, honoring the 10 seniors on the team.
    It was the last district game of the season and with the win the Comets won back-to-back District Championships. Jeffery Cupit scored 2 goals and Andrew Rodrigue had 1. The Comets went undefeated in district this season, the last regular season game of the year is against Runnels on January 31 at Burbank Park.

    On Tuesday, January 17, the Comets played Brother Martin in a non distrcit game which ended in a 1-1 tie. 

    Wednesday, January 18, the Comets beat tdistrict and parish rival Riverside by a margin of 6-1.  Andrew  Rodrigue and Brandon Lemoine scored two goals. Jeffrey Cuplit and Nick Lemoine scored one goal.

    The Comets are now undefeated in district, and the next game is Friday, January 20, away at Homua Christian.

    The Comets played Homua Christian on January 5th winning the game 3-0. That same week the
    Comets played Country Day at Pan Am Stadium winning the game 2-1. The Comets then played Riverside winning the game 5-0, the comets were up 4-0 at half and played possession to keep the lead and seal the victory. January 12th the Comets played Covenant Christian wining the hard fought game 1-0 the lone goal of the game was scored by Luke Perret. The Comets started off the season on a low note but now that district has started the Comets have found there footing on the way to the state tournament.

    Our Boys Soccer team went 2-4 over the holliday break. The Comets played a tough slate of teams losing to Haynes 2-1, Lusher 3-4, ParkView Baptist 2-1, Holy Cross 7-0,but the boys team beat Lutcher 3-1, De Le Salle 3-1. The Comets are now done with their very tough pre-district schedule. They played many power house teams and 5A teams. They finished pre-district with a record of 3-7. Their next game is January 5th home at 4:30.

    The Comets took a tough loss against Ed White with a final score of 8-0. The team just was not in focus for that game.

    The Comets bounced back with a sold win over ESJ with a final score of 2-1 with goals by Ajin Ortiz and Jeffery Cupit.

    The boys took a tough loss against Hannan High with a final score of 1-2 senior Anderw Rodrigue scored the lone goal of the game for the Comets. Goalkeeper Matthew Templet was knocked out of the game trying to save a goal he left the game soon after to receive stitches. Jeffery Cupit and Anderw Rodrigue finish the game in the goalkeeper position.

    The boys took a tough loss to Rummel with a final score of 4-0. The team was just over matched by the fluidity of the Raiders.

    The Comets opened the season with a scrimmage against Brother Martin. The Comet played
    strong defense but were unable to score and fell 1-0. A hand ball in the box gave Brother Martin a penalty shot to score the only goal of the game.  The Comets look to bounce back at home vs E.D. White on November 19. The varsity game will start at 2:00 PM.

    Comet's Playoff Run

    St. Charles played Pope John Paul High in Slidell and won 2-1. Goals scored by Luke Perret and Lamy Guidry. After winning their first game, they travel to New Iberia to face Catholic High N.I. (ranked #1). The first half was full of action with a goal by Carter Duhe and goalie Matthew Templet got taken out due to injury. The Comets won the half 1-0. After halftime, the Comets fell on their heals and gave up 3 goals and finished the game (3-1). Good season boys! Farewell Seniors.

    Comets win District

    On Saturday St. Charles played Riverside in Reserve and won 2-1. Goals were scored by Daniel Jaubert and Andrew Rodrigue. For the first time in 12 years, the boys earned 1st in district (5-1). The final season game will played on Tuesday against E.D. White (senior night).

    Comets Rally in District

    St. Charles defeated Houma Christian 4-0. Goals were scored by Luke Perret, Carter Duhe, Brandon Lemoine, and Andrew Rodrigue. The boys will rematch Riverside Academy in the final district game on Saturday at 1pm. Senior Night is on February 2nd against E.D. White.

    Comets are 2-1 in District

    St.Charles played St. Martins on Tuesday and lost 2-1. Andrew Rodrigue scored the Comets only goal. On Saturday, the boys faced Covenant Christian and dominated the field 6-0. Goals scored by Andrew Rodrigue(2), Daniel Jaubert, Jeffrey Cupit, Brandon Lemoine, and Nick Lemoine. 
    The boys will face Houma Christian on Monday in another district matchup in Houma.

    Comets Win over Houma Christian

    The Comet soccer team took on Houma Christian on Wednesday, January 20. The final score was 4-0 with goals coming from Junior Andrew Rodrigue, Eighth grader Nicholas Lemoine, Senior Trenton Matus, and Junior Tyler Sandefer. Matthew Templet, the goalie, played really well on defense to shut out the Warriors. The soccer team will travel to Houma to take on Covenant Christian Academy this Saturday, January 23. Good luck, boys!

    Comets Fall Short Against St. Martins

    St. Charles travelled to Metarie to play against St. Martin's Episcopal.  The Comets fought hard, but came up short, losing by a score of 2-1.  The Comets played well all night, moving the ball effectively, but could not penetrate St. Martin's tough defense.  This loss brings the Comets overall record to 2-8-2.  The Comets are back in action tonight, Wednesday at 4:30, at home against Houma Christian.

    Comets go 1-1 over Long Weekend

    St. Charles played a hard fought game against Riverside on Saturday, but came up a little short, losing by a score of 1-0.  They rebounded with a 2-0 victory over Covenant Christian on Monday. They excelled at moving the ball and spreading the defense in a close game.  The defense played well holding Covenant Christian's offense. The Comets will travel to Metarie to play St. Martin's Episcopal on Tuesday night.

    Comets tie Haynes

    St. Charles faced Haynes at Joe Yenni statdium and tied 1-1. The Comets dominated most of the game, and Senior Daniel Jaubert scored with the assist of Brandon Lemoine to take the lead early in the second half. Haynes scored in the few remaining minutes to tie the score on a penalty kick. 

    The Comets will face Riverside Academy (first district game) at home on Saturday.

    Comets Fell Short Against The Bulldogs

    St.Charles traveled to Country Friday night and was defeated in a hard fought match 4-1. Andrew Rodrigue finished a corner assisted by Daniel Jaubert. The very next morning, the boys faced Lutcher Bulldogs and started slow in the first half. After halftime, coach Sean Leblanc cheered up his team which helped the Comets fight back. Junior Andrew Rodrigue scored in the middle of the second half to make the score 2-1. The two schools fought hard, but the ball could not find the back of the net. 

    The Comets will face Haynes in Kenner on Monday at 3 pm. 

    Comets Tie Parkview Baptist

    St. Charles traveled to Parkview Baptist and tied 2-2. Eighth grader Nick Lemoine scored a goal to put the Comets ahead 1-0. In the second half Nick Lemoine finishes again with the assist from Daniel Jaubert to tie up the score. The boys will face Country Day Friday in Metairie. 

    Comets Fall Short Against Westminster

    St. Charles was beaten by Westminster 3-1 in Saturday's matchup. After being shutout 3-0 in the first half, Senior Trenton Matus finishes with the help of an Andrew Rodrigue assist. The Comets will compete against Parkview next Saturday before Christmas break. SCC boys soccer are (1-4) on the season with no district games played. 

    Comets Take on Runnels

    St. Charles defeat Runnels 1-0 in Baton Rouge. Junior Andrew Rodrigue finishes on a penalty kick late in the 2nd half. The Comets are (1-3) and look to bounce back on Saturday against Westminster in a rematch of last years playoff matchup. 

    Comets Start Off Season

    The Comets start off the year with tough losses to Holy Cross and Haynes. The Comets will look to rebound in their next few games at Runnels on Thursday in Baton Rouge and Westminster on Saturday. While the Varsity takes on Westminster at home, the JV will enter a weekend tournament at St. Martins. Senior Lamy Guidry says "we just have to shake back and work together then everything will fall into place."