2018 Student Retreats

  • At the start of every school year, all students grades 8-12 attend retreats as a class. The theme for this school year comes from Matthew 6:34 " Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Students will be reminded of the theme at the school masses held each month. Retreat team leaders, Mrs. Raleigh Poche and Mrs. Carly Flynn, found this theme fitting for the school year because it is a constant reminder that God is always there with us. Poche and Flynn work alongside their twenty-five retreat team members. They worked on the senior and 8th grade retreat and will continue to lead retreats at local feeder schools. Each retreat is filled with inspiring talks, funny skits, and icebreaker games to introduce the theme. 

    Senior Retreat

    The senior class will have their own special retreat day off campus on October 17 of this year. However, the seniors arrived to SCC for student retreat day in the afternoon to meet their little brother and sister for lunch. After lunch the seniors helped retreat team teach the new eighth graders different SCC cheers and chants and the alma mater. At the end of every school mass, one senior has the opportunity to yell “ATTITUDE CHECK,” and the whole school responds in unison, “LOVE ISN’T LOVE ‘TIL YOU GIVE IT AWAY! HEY!” This year Michael Tarver won the attitude check competition. Soon after lunch the freshmen, who were having their retreat close by, were able to walk over to SCC and finish out the retreat with the eighth graders and seniors. To end the day, the eighth graders, seniors, and freshmen celebrated mass together as a comet community. "I was so excited to be a leader to the new comets at the 8th grade retreat, and I am looking forward to being an example of leadership throughout the school year," said senior Kehara Hill.

    Junior Retreat 

    The junior retreat was held at St. Hubert’s Catholic Church in Garyville.  Teachers did multiple activities to relate to this year’s theme. They performed skits, speeches, games, and icebreakers.  A game everyone enjoyed was the Fortnite dance contest. The retreat started in prayer and ended with the celebration of Mass. As junior Taelen Jacomine stated, "Retreat was an experience that brought me not only closer to God, but to my fellow classmates and teachers as well. It definitely was a great way to start the school year!" 

    Sophomore Retreat 

    The sophomore retreat was held at the LaPlace KC hall and was directed by Mr. Ken Richard. There were many activities such as icebreakers, skits, and meditation time. Speakers at the retreat were Mr. Ryan Flynn, Mrs. Suzy Bologna, and Mrs. Angie Louque. After the retreat, the sophomores attended mass at the St. Joan of Arc church. "Retreat was not only a time to grow closer to God but also our friends. It helped us look back and create new goals for this school year," said sophomore Ashleigh Zaidain.

    Freshman Retreat

    This year's retreat began strong and full of vim and vigor. Our new Comets got to meet one of the returning Comets and were able to begin making friendships and relationships that will last a life time. Our students enjoyed two academy award winning skits from Coach Courtland, Coach Wayne, Mrs. Jeandron, and Mrs. Eymard. The highlight of the day was during the introduction of the new Comets where they were welcomed as though they were already part of the family. Aisha Hernandez in c/o 22 left saying, "I loved how the retreat was at the beginning of the year because getting to know some of the teachers and my fellow classmates made me feel very welcomed into the Comet Nation."

    Eighth Grade Retreat

    The eighth grade retreat this year was filled with high energy and LOTS of Comet Pride! Unlike the other student retreats that are run by the faculty, the retreat team runs the eighth grade retreat. The retreat team greeted our eighth graders at the doors of the Comet Commons and ushered them into their small groups. The retreat team performed skits, gave talks, and led small groups that reflected on the theme “Pray More and Worry Less” from Matthew 6:34. When asked about her retreat day experience, Mrs. Poche said, “I LOVED working with this year’s retreat team! They have so much energy and leadership! It has been very rewarding to see them grow into the amazing seniors they are now from the once shy and nervous 8th graders they once were.” As for the new eighth graders, they seemed to have just as much fun as the retreat team. When asked about her retreat day experience, Bella Marix said, "Eight grade retreat gave me advice to stay true to myself and helped me to know that I need to stay close to God throughout high school."