Graduation Requirements

  • Religion   4 credits
    English    4 credits
    Mathematics 4 credits (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Math, Financial Math*, Calculus)
    Social Studies 4 credits (World History, Civics, American History, World Geography)
    Science 4 credits (Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science*, Physics)
    Health & Physical Education 2 credits
    Foreign Language* 2 credits
    Fine Arts* 1 credit
    Electives 2 credits

    Total 26 credits

    *Students on a Standard track who are not planning to go to a 4 year college may opt out of the 4th Social Studies and Science, and the 2 foreign languages by signing an “Opt Out” letter.
    *Financial Math and Environmental Science are for standard students only.
    * Students who qualify for Physics are required to take it.